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We can’t Stop Sending Mails with Our New Email Plugin

We can’t Stop Sending Mails with Our New Email Plugin

Emailing is still heart of the marketing and relationship among business worldwide. No matter how many social accounts, print media or web activity you have, it can all be traced back to an email. So, at weDevs we take emails very seriously and also careful about not spamming people. We have recently completed something that we needed for a long time for our emails.

We built our own email marketing tool & we are loving it!

Many of the solutions we make at weDevs came from our own necessity and then later developed into the market. It all started with when we were working on WP ERP, the only complete enterprise management system on WordPress. We needed a working system that could manage our entire office on WordPress (Since everything at weDevs is already based on WP). But we could not find any that was capable enough. Similarly, we developed the Email Campaign plugin.

We were using an older version of Mailpoet, but we were really not comfortable with the features it provided and wanted to do more but faster. What we wanted almost matched MailChimp – but why didn’t we just upgrade to MailChimp? We did trial with Mailchimp, but still we were not totally getting where we wanted to be.

Because we needed something extra, and when you have everything needed to build including a fresh idea, why buy anyway!

When a solution is exactly what you need, it is guaranteed to produce wonders. That’s what we try to replicate with our clients as well. Now let’s take a look into why this has been a blessing for us.

The builder is so amazing, it sets your creativity free!

The email designer we have used is a live responsive builder, means you get to see the changes instantly. We similarly also took the concept and introduced a live builder into WP User Frontend and experienced a huge positive response and speed in working with it.

Even when setting up the email sender and subject settings, we have added shortcodes from a drop down menu which collects it’s data from the CRM module. We had to previously manually type the shortcodes and didn’t have any clue about the subject title length. Now we have a character counter with the text field following the Gmail standard length. The most fun part is you do not need a subscription list all the time to send mails, your search results in the CRM module also appears in the mailing list. So, besides using it like a marketing tool, you can also send customized email to a group of people.

We are also able to see very detailed reports, incorporate UTM parameters in the links and also schedule for perfect timing.

So overall, our mails have become from boring..stale to vibrant and smart! Your’s can too!

Who are most likely to benefit from our Email Campaign Plugin?

If you already have a personal, business or company landing site on WordPress, you will be the one with most winning situation. Even the most simplest companies need a software to manage employees, track ongoing work, manage product inventories and make sales online, manage company financial accountssupport and create customer profiles and of course, send them helpful and promotional mails.

Does it tick several names of solutions in your head? Yes, all people like you had to rely on many different solutions to handle all the segments of your business and share the data between them, which is a rare combination that works out. Which is why we built WP ERP which itself can manage your HRM, Task Management, Customer Relationship, Product Inventory and of course Email Marketing and much much more features.

The good news is, all the core features of WP ERP like HRM, CRM & Accounting are FREE! Only the extensions cost. So, you can easily reduce your company maintenance cost drastically by replacing them with WP ERP and you can also import all data into our system. Plus, the email campaign plugin which already pars with Mailchimp like market leading products will see more upgrades this year.

Our Email Campaign costs only 149$ per year without any subscriber limit whereas Mailchimp is 120$-199$ and Mailpoet 99$ with limited capabilities.

Learn more about Email Campaign →

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

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