5 Reasons Why You Should Use Workflow to Automate Your Work Process

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Workflow to Automate Your Work Process

Every year, many companies lose 20 to 30 percent of revenue due to inefficiencies arising from mismanagement of workflow. Manually assigning tasks, handling process, oral miscommunication, distractions, interruptions, and tedious paperwork- all of these contribute to inefficiency.

But inefficiency is not just you spending money more than required to accomplish a certain task, but it is also a failure on the part of the company to make the best use of its resources. To curb and prevent this huge loss you need a tool that will reduce the human factor from your daily operations. You need Workflow Automation.

Here we introduce to you this advanced extension that you can use with your WP ERP.

6 reasons to use the WP ERP Workflow extension

1. Reduces Operational Inefficiency

Let’s say, you want to send a welcome email to your newly subscribed users. You can easily create a workflow based on these conditions. The workflow will trigger an email whenever a new user subscribes to your website. You don’t have to manually send emails to your subscribers.

Thus, with Workflow, you can trigger actions or tasks based on different events. This means you can set different activity or task based on conditions. And it is automated, so you never have to worry about doing it all over again!

This allows you to have better control of your operations, reduce redundancies and thus curb operational inefficiency.

2. Improves Communication

Workflow automation comes with a strong ability to streamline internal communication of the company. If everyone starts using this tool together, managers will painlessly be able to carry out all operations without depending on futile oral conversations and paperwork. They can Activate, Edit, and Pause the status of a workflow whenever they like.

Lack of communication does not remain a negative factor because all employees are able to view assigned tasks on the Workflow, including the scheduled date and time. This also reduces the pressure on supervisors and managers upon whom employees depend to know their duties. Cutting down on manual human labor and long oral communications also cuts down on time-consuming processes and unproductivity.

3. Employee Empowerment & Accountability

Managers often spend numerous hours tackling employees, their tasks, keeping staff on track, handling conflicts, and trying to keep them motivated. But all efforts fall short when employees have to regularly deal with tedious and repetitive tasks that don’t add to their productivity. Most of these includes paperwork and administrative tasks.

With Workflow, you can reduce your employee’s dependency on paper files, emails, and spreadsheets.

Assign tasks to your staff individually on a selected date and time. Create action hooks, schedule meetings, log a call, assign a task painlessly and choose the conditions of your choice!

It also makes employees more accountable because each staff is responsible for their own workflow. With this automation, everyone knows who is responsible for what task and everyone is clear on what needs to be accomplished at any given point. So reluctance to take responsibility of ones actions is reduced.

4. Reduces loss of revenue

Workflow automates and streamlines the process from assigning to completion of a task. It also eliminates redundancies and repetitive jobs, thus reducing human labor. The automation process thus allows companies to cut down on human errors and thus avoid costly expenses. This saves loss of revenue and costs that would otherwise be used on hiring more administrative employees and purchasing software.

5. Compatible with all modules of your WP ERP

The Workflow automation tool seamlessly integrates with all other modules of WP ERP – CRM, HRM, Accounting, and IMAP. This ensures that whenever you create a user, update your contact lists, create and delete employees, confirm a leave request, add a sale, etc., it all gets integrated with the Workflow. This means your extension can extract the data from these modules to apply to conditions you select to trigger actions.

Why Choose Workflow Automation for your WP ERP

Thus Workflow automation allows you to get better insight of work assigned and done by employees. Creating new tasks and assigning is seamless. So you can spend your time managing more important operations and business decisions.

With this advanced tool, you can create and automate actions based on different types of conditions in your WP ERP system. Save your precious time and reduce the margin of error. It comes with an easy to understand interface so you don’t have to be a tech expert to be able to utilize its benefits.

Workflow is also fully compatible with all the modules of WP ERP and you can manage all the workforce you have created and control their status from a single page.

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