Top employee database software to take better data-driven decisions

Top employee database software to take better data-driven decisions

Employees are an integral part of an organization. Their core contribution has a direct impact on the company’s growth & revenue. So to ensure this success & continuous progress, you need to handle them properly & give full privileges utilizing their database.

While manually handling their database is a tedious one, an automated employee management software can smoothly do the job. Because it helps to establish an error-free employee management system by securing their valuable data & information. In fact, you can handle these things from one centralized location. No matter how many employees you manage at a time.

So if you want to utilize your employee’s database, and make the best use of it, then this write-up could be crucial for you. Here, you’ll get a clear idea of how to make data-driven decisions by utilizing the employee database.

How Does the Employee Database work?

Employee Database Software

Before we know how it works, let’s briefly know the definition of database first.

A database refers to a collection of organized information that you can easily access, manage & update anytime anyplace

So now that you already know what is a database, let’s see what are the benefits that an HR department will get if they can implement the database software for the organization.

  • Employee database gives an overall idea about employees so that the HR department can understand employees’ pain points to take internal decision-making
  • HR admins can monitor, handle and share insight with all the employees in a moment
  • Increases employee engagement by delivering messages & notifications related to their expectations
  • Supports you to offer each employee clarity using their information on the database
  • Secure your employee information
  • Personal information like social security digits, bank statements, and payroll information will remain safe
  • Alleviate agreement risks
  • Being a cloud-based system, database software helps you to generate accurate documents
  • Provides customization, combination, and deep updating feature to run the company flawlessly

So this is how a database software works. Surely it can uplift your HR department’s workflow & align all activities providing one comprehensive end.

What To Look for in an Employee Database Software

database selection criteria

An HR department has to face several different types of obstacles during running an organization. In this case, they need to tackle the issues very professionally and find a way to get rid of it.

Therefore, adding new features or upgrading the existing format can be really challenging for an HR department. So if you’re intending to utilize an employee database software into your organization, you need to keep in mind some important points to overcome this.

So, let’s check those out below:-

  • A smart employee database should be easy to manage, handle & operate
  • It should add a simple system that helps to input, update, or apply data to store in the database
  • Needs to ensure that your data is consistent & accurate according to all reports
  • It must add fully functional remote working abilities
  • Should have multi privacy controls
  • It should involve remote access and sync easily across mobile & desktop devices
  • A user-friendly dashboard to control everything
  • Should include an easy search facility to find relevant data for quicker decision making
  • Should have the ability to perform for all types of organizations as different companies have different types of internal data storage policy
  • It should have integration with CRM and Accounting management
  • Should be able to generate reports easily (employee performance, salary sheet, expanse, workflow reports, maintenance cost, etc)

So these are the things that you should consider before using any employee database software for your organization. However, you can take a look at the article below to know the role of an HR manager in modern-day business.

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Top Reliable WordPress Employee Database Softwares

Reliable WordPress Employee Database Softwares

As an HR manager, you need to ensure a quality working environment (offline or online) in the workplace to let your employees perform at their best.

You can’t mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best

Steve Jobs

In this case, a smart employee database tool can easily power up your workflow & give a fast performance. It can also enable managing & creating documents, generating attendance records, ensuring privileges, recruiting new talents, and more.

Now, you might be wondering which tool should I prefer for this purpose, Right? Don’t worry! You’ll get your answer here.

So, let’s take a look at some of the popular yet reliable WordPress employee database software (Plugins), and learn how they can streamline your employee management system professionally.



WP ERP provides an easy WordPress Employee Database Solution. You will be able to manage, control, access, customize, and do more with the employee profiles. For example, you can add & edit your company’s info and locations. In the same way, you can add as many departments and create designations within those departments.

Moreover, you can add & remove employees in any department with the pre-made designations. All employees will get an individual profile that they can update and edit themselves too. So WP ERP HR makes a simple way to publish company-wide updates, manage holidays, assets, training, and allow employees to request for a leave.

Key features:

  • Open-source & self-hosted
  • Fully functional remote working abilities
  • Multi privacy controls
  • Provide advanced leave management system
  • Web-based online HR system
  • Centralized medium to store unlimited data
  • Free HR & Accounting modules

02. WP HR-Manager

WP- HR Manager

WP HR Manager lets you manage employees in a suitable way & process everything within your website. Also, you can instantly install the ESS (Employee self-service) portal, HRM system, update staff records, track attendance, communicate and handle leave management.

Key features:

  • Lucrative frontend view
  • Manage as many employees as you wish
  • Has employee self-service (ESS) features to improve accuracy (suitable for remote workers)
  • Has an outstanding control over your data
  • Unlimited employee management facilities
  • Add features & integrate as you need them with full customized open source code
  • Accessible to data and capabilities with three important users (Admin, HR Manager, and Employee)



Like other reliable employee database software, WPHRM also comes with some handy employee management features. For example, managing employee’s profiles, attendance, reports, salary, holiday & much more.

However, it extends its features by helping both the HR & Finance department. Also, it has top-notch customer support & plugin documentation with an easy user-guide. You can manage all these features right from a unique-looking dashboard without facing any issues.

Key features:

  • Employee management
  • Department management
  • Salary management
  • Holiday & leave management
  • Finance management
  • Push notifications
  • e-Notice board

04. Staff Directory

Staff Directory

If you are looking to manage a small number of employees, then the Staff directory could be a perfect database management solution for you. It has both free & pro versions. In addition, to unlock more advanced features, there is a premium version that is available for you. But using the free version you can easily add employees to the database & complete the profile. 

Key features:

  • Adds employees quickly
  • Advanced employee search filter
  • Time tracking feature
  • Has employee reminder
  • Internal invitation modules
  • Employee communication feature

05. Business Manager

Business Manager

The business manager is a free HR, Project management & ERP plugin. At a time, it can manage your employees, projects, clients & documents. Generally, it combines the three core features into one, therefore you can simply handle employees, advanced tasks & plans.

Key features:

  • Manage employees by keeping their data safe, track leave/holidays & performance reviews
  • Handle & monitor projects through the kanban board
  • It helps you to keep Rolodex of the Clients & staff members
  • You can swiftly centralize the company’s documents & templates including version control

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Manage And Utilize Employee Database with WP ERP HRM

Employee Database Software

Creating and Managing a diverse workforce is a process, not a destination

R. Roosevelt Thomas jr – Author & CEO, R, Thomas Consulting & Training, Inc.

Implementing a smart HR system on a business is a challenging task. But once you’re done with that, you could easily notice the progress over time. So the time has come to demonstrate the process of utilizing an employee database system.

However, let’s see how WP ERP HRM can be your ultimate employee database management & help you to make a data-driven decision in the following way.

Pre-requirements before utilizing WP ERP HRM

Do make sure that you’ve successfully installed & activated WP ERP & WP ERP HRM. So after completing the installation process, simply activate the HR module from Dashboard>WP ERP>Modules.

Activating HR module

In order to utilize the employee database using WP ERP HRM, just navigate to WP Dashboard>WP ERP>HR Dashboard.

Here is how the HRM dashboard looks like.


Recruit employees & track their progress

The Ultimate WordPress Recruitment Plugin to create & manage job posts

Using the recruitment extension of WP ERP HRM, you can hire employees, measure their skills, take an online exam, and more. All the data will be saved on your directory so that you can monitor the data whenever you need it.

So from here you can:-

  • Create a job post page
  • Job post with the required information
  • Create question sets
  • Edit candidates profile
  • View everything from the calendar
  • And generate reports
Employee Database Software

Manage designations & departments

Managing employee designations & departments with WP ERP HRM is easier than ever. You can add designations, and assign your employees.

Employee Database Software

Also, in the same manner, you can manually create departments, department heads, and parental departments.

Employee Database Software

After adding the departments, you can view them and also the number of employees under each department. If you want you can delete, edit and upgrade each department from here.

managing departments

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Advanced leave management

Smart leave management should add all the benefits & features so that HR admin can provide to the employees. Using WP ERP HRM, you can easily add different leave policies, and create different leave formats. According to that, a database will create, and you could easily prepare reort basing on the database.

Here are the leave formats that you can create:-

  • Create leave policies
  • Entitle leaves & holidays
  • Leave accrual
  • Forward leaves or encashment
  • Enabling unpaid leaves
  • Set casual & annual leaves
  • Create leave sandwich rule
  • Half-day leaves
  • And generate reports
leave management

However, if you want to know the process of using the free leave manage system, check out the blog below:-

👉 How to Use a Complete & Free Leave Management System in WordPress

Attendance management

Monitor employee work hours and balance them with their leaves with this feature

As an HR manager, you need to count attendance per month for each employee. This seems to be a daunting task to manage it manually. But the attendance extension of WP ERP HRM makes this process simpler & automated. Hence, it gives you a hassle-free & paperless feel while generating an attendance report at the end of the month.

Moreover, you can also create shift & assign it to your employees.

Employee database system

To include more options, navigate to the WP ERP>Settings>Attendance. Here you can customize certain things, such as:-

  • Give a grace time before & after check-in
  • The threshold between checkout & check-in
  • Enable self-attendance
  • And also you can restrict attendance with IP so that you can stop employees from checking-in from different locations other than office’s wifi network.
Attendance Sheet

Finally, you can filter each employee according to their designations & departments such as who is present in time or late and who is absent or who is on a leave, etc.

Therefore, it can help you to generate reports & apply the next procedure for upcoming days.

Provide training facilities

With WP ERP HR, one can easily monitor training programs for different teams & employees. Manually checking their performance & giving them feedback on their task is quite stressful for the HR manager. But using the training extension of WP ERP HRM, you can easily know the weaknesses of your employees from the previous performance report, and based on it you can provide them training facilities.

Therefore, to create training, navigate to WP ERP>HR>Training>Create Training

And with it you will able to apply the following things. Such as:-

  • Create & manage skill development courses
  • Keep all training details organized
  • You can select an assignee in a more convenient way
  • Modify their courses from an employee profile
  • Customize skillset
  • And lastly, be able to evaluate employee

So as an admin, you can see the training progress from the employee profile. And mark the training done once s/he finishes it.

Note: However, you can add training right from the employee profile but it can kill your time.

Generate final reports & make decisions from your employee database

Finally, taking help from your employee database, you can easily produce an HR report to make an immediate data-driven decision.

Let’s see what type of reports that you can generate:-

  • Leave request based
  • According to the years of service
  • Gender profile (male or female employee)
  • Headcount (total employee number)
  • Asset (How many employees are using company assets)
  • Salary history
  • Employee attendance data
  • Employee wise data

So after clicking on the Dashboard>WP ERP>Reports, you can see the individual report. You can select them one by one and prepare your final report.

Employee database report
Employee database report

To know how a digital HR works, check out the blog below!

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Final Words

Well, the post has come to an end. We tried our best to convey all the essential details and part of an employee database software, shared some reliable solutions, talked about how it should work. So we hope that you were able to catch the real intention of this post. If so then surely it will encourage you to implement the right employee database software to power up your workforce.

By the way, if you’re already using any HR solution for your company, then feel free to share your experience in the comments below!😊

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