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Digital HR- Unlock The True Potential of Human Resource Management

Digital HR- Unlock The True Potential of Human Resource Management

Technology has changed the world we live in. It has a great impact on organizational behavior and performance also. Plus, nowadays the exponential growth of technology has revolutionized the way we run our businesses. In order to sustain in this competitive world, you must adapt to this evolving situation. And the only way to do this is through the continuous development of the business management process.

Since technological advancement has transformed every aspect of our lives; It has a far-reaching effect on human resources also. It changes the way HR professional manages their employees, stores files, communicates, or analyze performance. More precisely, technology makes HR activities more efficient.

As an HR manager, it’s your duty to stimulate this wheel of improvement forward and streamline all the operations inside a business seamlessly.

In today’s post, we will shed some light on how the digitalization of HR will boost your business strategy and ROI as well. But before getting into more details of the digital HR functions and the benefits let us know a little bit about what the Digital HRM actually is, shall we?

What is Digital HR?

Digital HR

Digital HR is the modern transformation of HR services incorporating digital tools and data analytics. This process changes the way HR functions using various social platforms, cloud services, mobile, software analytics, artificial intelligence, and other communication media. Considering the facts, it enables you to make more efficient data-driven decisions.

New HR Technology can optimize all paper-based, traditional, and time-consuming activities regarding employee management. This eventually improves employee engagement and proficiency. Moreover, it focuses on acting proactively rather than conventional reactive outputs.

This novel technique is effective in building work ownership and creating efficient workers which leads to organizational success.

In addition, this new system is user-friendly and able to adapt to various organizational changes with the least effort.

How Digital HR Management Transforms the Way HRM Works?

Digital HRM Transformation

Human Resource Management is a complex and full-fledged business function. It generally includes basic management functionalities and is not just confined to employee management, handle employee relations, payroll, training, recruitment & onboarding, and coordinating the administrative activities of an organization. In short, it is a tough job to maintain all tasks collaboratively.

Luckily, today’s advanced technology can reduce your workload significantly. Digital HR transformation is the process of integrating new technologies into your organizational structure with the aim of getting better performance, making more realistic and data-driven decisions, and thus achieving robust and sustainable business growth.

67% of HR leaders believe that if their company does not become significantly more digitalized by 2020, it will no longer be competitive.

Previously, all these functionalities performed manually by HR managers. But the arrival of the digital age lessens the burden of humans.

How to Achieve a Successful Digital HR Transformation

In order to establish a successful digital HR transformation here are some key steps that you should follow:

  1. Set your goals: Define your goals first that you want to acquire through digital transformation.
  2. Establish a transformation team: Build a technical team to lead the project.
  3. Develop a strategy: Follow a strong guideline to accomplish the goal.
  4. Create the right tech stack: Get the proper tech stack to hold up your digital transformation.
  5. Conduct A/B testing: Perform some experiments in a strategic way.
  6. Identify results: Monitor the results and find out which one works best with your plan.
  7. Be transparent: Be loyal to your employees about evolving rules and environments.
  8. Maintain company culture: Prioritize your employees and stay aligned with your company tradition.

It takes time to get habituated with new technology. Fundamentally, you have to revise your working process, measure the output, and update the system correspondingly. After a while, it will start by providing better results for your company. Therefore, you can optimize the way your HR services work by integrating a modern HR system into your business structure. Let it be in some online marketplace businesses like eBay, Amazon, or any other business operations that involve the system of handling of employees and clients.

Dokan Marketplace

Why is Digital HR Essential For Modern-day Human Resource Management

importance of digital hr

By introducing an automated HR system, you can accelerate the daily activities of your company. There is no doubt, some HR work still requires human nourishing to make it the best. However, there are tons of other tasks which do not need any human care after doing some easy configurations.

56% of company redesigned their HR programs to leverage digital & mobile tools.

Over a dozen HR software are out there that can easily speed-up your workflow. But still, a number of companies follow the old school practices maintaining documents or spreadsheets. The reason might be they are still not aware of the immense benefits and essentiality of introducing digital HR in their management system.

Easy Access to Data & Process them Accordingly

importance digital hr

With all the information recorded into the system, HR has the authority to get into those employee details directly and process them for further enhancement. As a result, it becomes easy to measure employee performance and overall growth through analytics-based insights.

Generally, most HR tasks depend on documentation which needs additional time and more heads. Such as employee attendance, benefits enrollment, health safety matters, sending confidential property, etc. Digital HR, however, can perform all these tasks within a few clicks only. It includes everything that involves the HR department on a single platform.

Moreover, you can minimize your workload for scheduling, attending time-sheet, or employee training by incorporating an AI into your HR system as well.

Increase the Productivity of Your Company

Improve HR Productivity

The digitalization of HR helps the responsible individual to better understand the personnel of the organization. So that you can distribute all the tasks accordingly and keep a bird’s eye supervision on them.

80% of organizations that fostered a digital culture reported breakthrough performance as a result of digital transformation.

In addition, it helps you to allocate the tasks based on their capability. That surely turns your employee more productive. It is also easy to send reminders to them about their progress in work at a regular interval automatically. It ultimately leads to the immense growth of your company’s success.

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Digital HR makes it easy to continuously observe your employee’s activities and measure their progress rate over time. More specifically, sometimes manual annual reports might not be able to acknowledge an employee’s efforts competently. Although, it awaits you a long time to find out the wrong decisions.

45% of HR leaders said they believe annual performance reviews are not an accurate appraisal of an employee’s work.

With digital HR tools, you can monitor your employees’ overall progress without much interference. Thus it makes it easy to generate a data-driven employee report that reflects the accurate picture of their real effort or lackings. And depending on the report you can take your next step to improve your employee management plans on a regular basis.

Effective Recruitment and On-boarding Process

what is HR management

Your employees are digitalized in real life. They are using the internet to communicate through social platforms, purchase online, and so forth. So, your acquisition system should be smart enough to enhance your employee experience as well.

Use a digital recruitment system to get updated and hire talented people in your team. It helps you to process the CVs, shortlist the right candidates, hold and record inside information about them. Many companies are now open to the online interview process to recruit employees and select them for full-time jobs ensuring the best usages of their resources.

Improve Employee Engagement

Improve HR efficiency

One of the vital responsibilities of the HR department is to forge strong bonds and establish successful collaboration among the employees of an organization. As engaged employees can bring a better output together for the business.

Employee collaboration works as a crucial metric to reach the company’s main goal. In that case, digital HR allows employees to communicate and share their personal information from a common platform. Hence, it builds an emotional relationship throughout the organization.

It is clear that the digitalization of HR can impact positively on your business structure. You can bring all the tasks under a roof, monitor them in real-time, and process them more efficiently. Instant data and updated reports help you to make better decisions for the future.

WordPress Digital HR is The New Phenomenon


The implementation of digital tools has transformed human resources. It changed the way HR departments work these days. In consequence, HR departments can now manage employees, run the recruiting process, store files, and analyze employee performance more efficiently than before. In fact, if you have a WordPress site then you can operate all HR related works right from your dashboard.

There are a number of WordPress plugins that can easily automate the HR management functionalities on your site. A well-optimized HRM plugin lets you manage your employees directly from your site. It turns your site into a multi-functional employee management system.

And thus one can easily create and handle employee profiles, record attendance, manage leaves, develop organization pay policy, operate the recruitment process, generate reports, and manage many other related entities efficiently using the WordPress HR plugins. Moreover, you can also use these tools as an employee performance review software.

Getting Started with WP ERP HR for a Successful Digital HR Transformation

Although you need the right WordPress human resource management plugin to monitor and manage all employee data from one page. An all in one solution like WP ERP HR makes your employee management process more flexible than ever. It has a deep analytic reporting system that accurately measures your employee performance too. The integration process is also simple and user-friendly.

WP ERP-hrm

WP ERP provides you a secure and easy to use employee management platform. You will be able to overview detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, announcements, increments, performance logs, email notifications & more!

Also, you can see the entire day workflow, calendar, announcements, upcoming birthdays, attendance status- all on one page.

Key Highlights of WP ERP HR:

  • A complete HR management platform
  • Track every detail of employees
  • Manage employee’s designation, role, department
  • Summary of employee’s entire lifecycle
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Keep records and calculate leave requests

In addition, you can activate other modules of WP ERP including CRM and Account depending on your requirements. Most amazingly you will get all the basic features completely free unless you need to unlock the premium extensions for extensive use.

You can also include many useful project management features like task allocation, progress report, scheduling, etc. with the WP Project management tool.


Final Thoughts

New technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. Alike other industrial sectors, human resource management is also experiencing the blessing of technology. Digital HR is a technological shift in Human Resource activities.

The modern HR system is not only taking care of the simple task but also grabbing complex strategic parts of HR management. However, it has already made its place in the top class organization for many HR operational processes. Even the medium and small businesses are also stepping towards the new digital era.

So what techniques do you follow to lessen the burden of your HR leaders? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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