Improved leave Management- Here's what you should know

WP ERP Now Has A Much Improved Employee Leave Management System

WP ERP always had an efficient employee leave management system from the start. However, we always thought there was still room for improvement. That is why we made some significant updates and brought in some new improvements in the leave management system.

Many of you might still wonder why you need an automated leave management system when you can do this by hand or creating an Excel sheet only.

But have you ever thought how time-consuming that would be to do this by hand or manually input each data in the Excel file?


For any company, having an efficient leave management policy in their HRM system is always very necessary. But, what’s more, important is, having an HRM system that will provide you all-important backup to your leave management-related data. Moreover, we know operating or managing a leave management system efficiently for your company ain’t easy.

But how WP ERP is different in this regard? Well for starters, this elegant piece of software is more than ready now to handle any kind of corporate-level business with it’s previous updates. Now, with the new and improved leave management system along with all its other employee management features, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that it has the potential to handle your HR department more efficiently than ever.

Now, you are probably curious about what exactly are the features and what is it that improved in the leave management system of WP ERP, right? Well, let’s end this by answering to your curiosity right here.

The New & Improved Employee Leave Management System Is Here!

Improved leave Management- Here's what you should know

Most users already know the basic fundamentals of using a WordPress website. It’s reliable, secure, and flexible. But the most important thing is it powers up over 30% of the total websites in the world.

So, if you have a WordPress website, it’s high time you install an ERP system that will help your company to flourish. And, the WP ERP comes with the HR management module along with it which includes the employee leave management system.

But, if you are using WP ERP’s HR module, then you probably already know that. So, we will not bore you with the basics. Let’s get to know the features of this new employee leave management system now, shall we?

Create Flexible Leave Management Policy

Well, first and foremost before you start implementing a leave management system, you need to create a leave policy first. That’s one of the main jobs of an HR manager.

Without leave policies, there will be no limit in the HR system for the number of leaves one can apply.

The new WP ERP online leave management system will let you create any kind of leave policy for the same leave types that suit your company. You can create your leave policy for:

employee leave management system Policy Form Creating
Leave Policy Form

Although, there is a common system in place for the leave policies in all the companies. However, there is always the case for custom leaves that the company creates keeping in mind the company culture and needs.

Therefore we have introduced a new leave policy form that will make the experience of creating leave policies fun!

Apply Smart Leave Entitlements

Another big factor of any employee leave management system is the leave entitlements.

Entitlements allow you to assign the policies you have created to any individual employee, multiple selective employees, a department or the entire company.

Leave entitlement form
New leave entitlement form

The new leave entitlement form has all the options you need. If you have different leave policies for different departments or designations you can apply them. This will help you create the perfect balance between the various departments.

Creating Various Leave Types for The Employee Leave Management System

This new feature of this free online leave management software is that now you can create leave types.

The leave types will determine the leave policy you are going to create.

Edit Leave type for employee leave management system

At first, you need to create leave types so that when you are applying for any leave under any of the available leave policy, you can choose them from the leave types. It will make the job easier as you don’t have to create policies every now and then for every department. Rather, you can create 2-3 leave types and customize them while assigning them to any department or employee.

Creating & Managing Leave Requests

After you have created the leave policies, you won’t be needing to worry about a lot. Because this employee leave management system will take care of the leave requests mostly by itself. It will help you and your employees to create and manage leave requests.

Leave requests
Leave requests

All that your employees need to do is apply for leave from the HR frontend that they are entitled to and you will get an automatic leave request submitted on your admin’s dashboard. And then only upon your approval, the leave will be sanctioned.

Leave Calendar & Holidays

Leave calendar is a guide on which it shows the leave days and the monthly holidays that the employees have. It will highlight all the government holidays that you have input and also the personal leave taken by the employees. This helps in planning ahead and apply for leave more smartly.

leave calendar
Leave & Holiday calendar

Also, to save you further trouble you can easily create or import holidays. That way you can create your own holiday while importing the government ones. This saves you a lot of time.

So, how about that? Pretty interesting, right?

Moreover, the system will also help to relieve the stress of the HR department while giving the employees the break they deserve while staying within the leave policy.

There are many leave management systems out there. But why should you choose WP ERP to manage your HR and employee leave management solution?

How WP ERP’s Employee Leave Management System Resolves Issues to Your HR & Leave Management Problems

Any employee leave management system encompasses the processes and policies of managing employee time-off requests, such as vacation, holidays, sick leave, and parental leave etc.

A customary leave management process:

  • Increases employee satisfaction and retention
  • Creates policy consistency across the organization
  • Ensures compliance with labor laws
  • Reduces the number of management errors
  • Increases productivity and efficiency

WP ERP’s leave management system can help you with those remarks quite easily. And here are the ways how.

Create Custom Leave Policy

When you run a company you need to manage various departments and employees. Obviously, all of them have different roles along with different shifts. Some works at night shifts while some of them work in the day shift.

So, when it comes to the leave policy you can not apply a global leave policy for every department apart from the government holidays. You need to create different leave policies for different departments.

For example, the Support department gets 7 casual days while other departments get 10. As you can see the leave type is the same “Casual Leave”. But the policy is different.

So, what you need is to create two different leave policies for the same leave type. And this is very much possible with WP ERP’s HR module.

All In One Dashboard

The dashboard is where you will get a visual representation of all the data and information about your employees, their leave requests, etc. You can overview all the data and decide your action accordingly. That’s why it is important to have a dashboard that will instantly give highlight all the related information in one place.

Then how about a dedicated leave overview dashboard where employees and of course admins can view all the leave related information? WP ERP has that. The profile section of every employee has a leave dashboard where they can view:

  • Leave types & days
  • Leaves spent
  • How many leaves available
  • Leave validity period
Leave Dashboard

This helps the employees to plan out and apply for their leaves accordingly. Thus this helps manage the leave of employees better.

Simple Leave Applying Process

No one wants a complicated process.

The reason for having an employee leave management system is to make the process smooth and simple. That includes the leave applying process. WP ERP has a simple leave applying procedure.

To apply for a leave, just click on the Take a Leave button, select date, period, state your reason, and hit the Send Leave Request. That’s it.

Simple right?

Detailed Reports

Nothing makes the job of an HR manager easier than to have a detailed report of everything at the end of the month. With employee-wise and company-wide reports, organizations can easily analyze patterns and acquire actionable insights.

employee leave management system leave reports

These reports include having one for the leaves also. WP ERP generates an automatic leave report that will tell you everything you need to know about the employee’s leave status to help you plan ahead.

All in all the WP ERP leave management system will,

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Remove manual interventions
  • Improve communication
  • Offer real-time visibility of data
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Reflect your organization’s values

Over To You

If the goal of leave management software is to handle employee time-off requests in a fair and accurate way so business runs smoothly while employees get the benefits they are entitled to then we can say, WP ERP has hit the ball out of the park.

As a free online leave management tool, it offers more than enough to get you started on creating from simple to any complex leave policy for your company. And also not just creating but it will support you throughout the entire process.

WP ERP HR Module

Lastly, WP ERP has some interesting HR extensions that are surely going to give your HR management the much-needed boost. And so if you really want to take full advantage in wanting to manage your human resources then you may want to:

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