WP ERP Exclusive Discounts And Exciting Deals on Occasion of Its Birthday

WP ERP Exclusive Discounts And Exciting Deals on Occasion of Its Birthday

Are you waiting to hear some good news amidst the tragic time that we are all going through right now? Then here is some great news from us to share with all of you that will surely get you excited even in this tough time. It’s WP ERP’s 6th year anniversary at the same time it’s the 8th year anniversary of its mother company weDevs. So today we are here to celebrate it with all of you with discounts and deals never offered before.

Companies and businesses worldwide are being managed remotely nowadays and people are conducting work from home. With businesses shutting down and the world economy falling apart, we are all passing quite a difficult time. So we hope WP ERP is being a reliable tool to help manage your business and workflow better from home even in these stressful times.

As we always want to keep believing in sharing and caring, WP ERP on the occasion of its 6th & weDevs’ 8th birthday is here to share some joy with all of you. So on behalf of WP ERP and the team of weDevs, we are here to present you all with a number of exciting deals to keep you warm and crave for more.

Here we have an overview of all these superb birthday discounts, offers, and the latest updates of this powerful WordPress ERP solution. So, let’s go ahead and find out what is there in this bag of joy.

ERP Predictive Analytics

WP ERP’s Birthday Means Big Discounts & More Savings for You

10000+ Businesses in 160 Countries are Using WP ERP in over 20+ Languages.

It’s been over 6 years since WP ERP has started its journey back in 2015 with the intention of empowering businesses worldwide. Now with everyone’s support & trust, it has stepped into its 6th year with great success and huge responsibility on its shoulder. WP ERP becomes the first full-fledged WordPress ERP System (Enterprise Resource Solution) in the industry. It wouldn’t have been possible without your love & support.

So, while we celebrate this grand occasion, let’s have a closer look at our big deals to brighten up your day. Whether you are already one of our precious users or you want to get the best WordPress ERP now, you can enjoy our celebration deals all throughout the month of March 2021.

So, here you go.

Whooping 45% Discount

On March 15 of 2021, your favorite business management solution, WP ERP launched a Flash Sale of up to 45% till the end of this month. More to the joy of the customers, anyone can purchase their favorite plan with this unbelievable discount. It includes all the premium plans and modules as well.

Enjoy Up to 45% OFF on Every Product for the Whole Month.

This offer started on 15th March. It will allow you to purchase any WP ERP product (including all the modules and extensions) paying up to 45% less than usual. Furthermore, you can go for it anytime in this WP ERP birthday week till the end of March 2021. On top of that, you will get free installation support & training if you decide to buy the yearly plan.

Why Choose WP ERP – The First Complete WordPress ERP System

SME’s ERP adoption will grow by 8% in 2020. And everyone is looking more for open-source software. Even during this pandemic, there is a strong possibility that businesses designed with cloud networks might be able to endure the most.

For more than a decade, WordPress is the largest CMS worldwide. Nevertheless, it is a cloud-based platform. And cloud-based ERP is at least 30% more affordable than on-premise solutions. Thus it allows the vast potentials of open-source ERP tools like WP ERP.

More essentially, you can start with WP ERP for free. The setup is super easy. Moreover, you won’t be spending too much time learning it’s features and adaptations. The user interface and settings are quite simple.

wp erp birthday

WP ERP comes with 3 core modules to streamline your business process. They are-

Each module is designed to manage your human resource activities, customer relationship management, and accounting task with a lot of powerful ERP extensions in its armory.

However, you can have a light version of the WP Project Manager with the free plan. It is one of the best remote project management tools right now. More suitable in current situations where more and more companies are required to manage their teams remotely.

Enough with the discounts and offers, now for all the new users out there, let’s take a quick look at all the modules, features, and extensions that WP ERP offers you.

HR Management Module to Streamline Employees Workflow

HRM help to work from home

This module brings all of your human resource management related activities into one well-organized HR system. It is one of the most user-friendly employee management tools in WordPress. It will let you monitor all of your employee activities, manage leave requests, holidays, events, and many more.

Below you can get an idea of all the top features of WP ERP HR Manager.

Top Features of HR Management Module of WP ERP

  • Easy Department Management: List all of your departments. Then manage and tag employees following their respective departments.
  • Designation Management: It helps you to list and save the designation of your employees in the HR database. Thus you can find any employees regarding their positions.
  • Employee Leave Management: Turn your leave management smooth and organized. For example, you can create and share leave policies, manage and set the leave requests.
  • Send Urgent Messages: Send flash messages to an individual employee or to everyone directly in their respective employee dashboard.
  • Get HR Report: You HR manager can generate instant reports. This feature helps you to get instant numbers of headcount, gender profile, salaries history, and age profile.
  • Rich Email Templates: Send emails to your employees with customizable templates.

Now that you know all the top features, check out the WP ERP HR extensions that turns your ERP system even more powerful.

WP ERP HR Extention

  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Attendance
  • Custom Field Builder
  • Payroll
  • HR Frontend
  • Document Manager
  • SMS Notifications
  • Workflow
  • Reimbursement
  • Asset Manager

However, if you need to integrate all these modules, then it requires you to upgrade to the premium plans. And with such big discounts in its PRO plans on the eve of WP ERP birthday celebration, it is definitely the best time to grab them. πŸ˜‰

CRM Module for Easy Customer Management

Business Survival during pandemic

The success of a business depends mostly on its efficient customer relationship management. And this CRM module enables you to process with a robust client and smart contact database management system. Hence you can simply handle and nurture your leads through flawless communication.

Overall, you can create a strong customer information database with this module. Hence, you can follow-up with clients, monitor their activities and provide client support hassle-free.

Top Features of CRM Module of WP ERP

  • Smart Contact Management: After adding a user, you can monitor his/her life-state from your CRM dashboard. Add notes to define occasions, issues, reminders, and messages.
  • Built-in Mail Communication: Establish an easy email communication with your leads and clients. It’s more effective because an automated email system is integrated with CRM.
  • Schedule a Meeting or Call: You can fix an upcoming meeting or call with your client. Furthermore, log different activities, and assign tasks to your agents.
  • Managing Your B2B Clients: Make correspondence with your B2B clients from the same CRM features simultaneously.
  • Personalize Your Communication: You don’t need to use any unnecessary features. From managing clients, scheduling meetings, or monitor client service history, do everything within personalization.
  • Reports and Analysis: Get reports of your customer’s activities, sales, and overall growth. Use filters to define specific actions.
  • Create Contact Groups: To define similar client types, create a list with contact groups. Moreover, it eases the management hassle.

Besides these highly useful CRM features, a bunch of CRM extensions will take your client management to the next level. So check them out below.

WP ERP CRM Extensions

  • Zendesk Integration
  • Helpscout Integration
  • Awesome Support Sync
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Salesforce Contact Sync
  • Deals
  • Hubspot Contact Sync
  • Gravity Form Sync
  • Mailchimp Contact Sync

Note: All of the third-party contact sync lets you import your contact instantly to your WordPress CRM.

Accounting Module for Easy Accounts Management

how computer based accounting system can solve accountability issues

Even if you don’t have any prior accounting knack, the WP ERP Accounting module can do all the bookkeeping for you. It can track your transaction, keep trial balance, ledger reports, balance sheets, and expenditure reports. Moreover, it can help you create income statements and financial statements.

It is indeed one of the most powerful and effective WordPress accounting plugins right now. Let’s find out some of its unique features.

Top Features of Accounting Module of WP ERP

  • Invoice and Recieve Payments: After you create invoices, it will automatically adjust to the client’s account. Recieve or send payment invoices faster than ever.
  • Create Estimations: As you have all the accounting information at hand, you can create an easy estimation for future transactions.
  • Sales Tax Calculation: Add tax rate whenever it changes in different regions. This feature adjusts and manages sales taxes following a smart approach.
  • Track Expense Transaction: You can track all of your expenses and transactions like reimbursement or expenditures.
  • Purchase Transaction: After a purchase is made, you can keep records and manage them. For example, it is possible to create purchase orders and make payments through it.
  • Keep Journal Entry: If you follow a double-entry system, this feature will help you keep regular journal entries.

You can get this module in the free version of WP ERP. Also, it is a solo WordPress solution that offers a handful of enhanced add-ons. Hence, let’s have a look at the Accounting extensions below.

WP ERP Accounting Extensions

  • Payment Gateway
  • Payroll
  • Inventory

However, you can find a lot of other extensions above. Some of them are highly correspondent to every module.

How to Use WP ERP – The Easy Way

Well, you can simply get WP ERP now and start using WP ERP Core or a single module of your choice anytime you want. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to install the plugin and set up the configuration. So, surely WP ERP can turn your WordPress website into a result-oriented open-source ERP system.

You can watch the above video to understand its easy installation process or you can simply follow the below installation guide here.

  • Go to the plugin tab from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Search for the ‘WP ERP’ in the search directory.
  • Click install.

After the installation is complete, click on Activate plugin, it will take you to an activation wizard. Choose whether you need to activate all the modules or a single one.

Finish the activation process. And start configuring the modules one by one. Simple!

For a better understanding of the complete installation process, you may check out this easy step by step WP ERP Installation guide.

WP ERP development

Come, Let’s Celebrate WP ERP’s Birthday With Us

So hurry up! What are you waiting for? Grab the chance to get the most powerful WordPress ERP system for your business today.

At this very special moment, we truly want you to share the joy with us. We strongly believe in this long journey of 6+ years, it’s you who made it possible for us to come this far. And we hope you will keep supporting us like this in the days to come as well.

Do you have some questions in mind? Feel free to ask us anytime in the comments below.

Thanks for always being with us. We wish for your well-being and safety. Until next time. Cheers!

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