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10+ Customer Retention Strategies That Boost Your Business in 2023

How to retain customer

This is a blog about best customer retention strategies, the customer retention mistakes that you should avoid while retaining your customer and how should you make the best of these strategies to improve customer experience and loyalty.

Project Management Lifecycle Process: A Step Towards Project Success

Project management lifecycle is a series of phases a project goes through from initiation to closure. In this post, learn about all these project management lifecycle phases and why they’re important for project success.

Top 10 Team Management Challenges To Overcome in 2023

team management challenges

What are the leading challenges facing managers today? How can managers handle them effectively? This post aims to help managers answer these questions. Whether you are a manager or a team member, the right Team Management approach is the key for you. Lack of motivation, failure to get things done on time, inability to deliver results – all these are common management challenges. And so this post will help you to solve these and many more!

How to Get Salesforce Internship Program to Kickstart Your Career

How to get salesforce internship to give your career a kickstart

Imagine landing an internship at a company like Salesforce. It will not only give you a boost for the rest of your career but also prepare you for real-life challenges. However, getting a Salesforce internship is quite daunting. But don’t worry, we are going to show you the whole process so you can prepare yourself … Read more

How Chatbot AI Help Grow Your Business in 2023

AI Chatbots

Say you just closed a deal with the developer or manufacturer company on your aspired project but what if you find out that the person you have dealt with on the other side is not really a person but a Chatbot AI? Yes, talking robots aren’t something new that needs to be introduced these days. … Read more

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