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Purchase Return

Creating a purchase return for your accounts is easier than ever with WP ERP Accounting. Sometimes you may need to return your purchased products due to product defects, quality issues, etc.

With the WP ERP Accounting module, your account manager can easily create a return purchase whenever s/he needs it.

Let’s see what are the steps that you need to follow in order to create a purchase return without any hassle.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to navigate through WP ERP > Accounting > Transactions. Inside the dropdown menu, you’ll find Purchases. Click on it.

Purchase Return

Step 2:

Next, you’ll get your preferred option from the dropdown menu inside New Transaction. So click on the section.

Accounting dashboard

Here you will get the option Create Return Invoice.

Purchase return

Step 3:

Now enter your voucher number from your previously purchased product and hit the search button. Immediately, all the relevant details related to the voucher number will appear here.

Creating purchase return

Note: Do not forget to tick mark the box and check out the purchase return request details before clicking ‘Save’.


Once you click ‘Save’ it will ask whether you’re certain to request that return or not. So hit the ‘Yes, Confirm!‘ button to proceed.

Purchase return confirmation

Hurrah! You’ve successfully created the Purchase Return. You can check it out from Transactions.

Purchase details

That’s it! You are done with whole process of requesting purchase return.

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