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Sales Return Report

From the latest v1.2.3 onwards, the Accounting module of WP ERP Pro will let you manage your sales return report of all your transactions. It will generate all the reports based on the sales that have been returned for the current financial cycle/year.

This documentation will show the application of the Sales Return and how you can generate reports for it.

How To Use Sales Return Report

  • First of all, navigate to WP ERP> Accounting> Reports> Sales Return> View Report
Sales Return Report
  • Once you click on the View Report, you’ll find the following details of your returned sales.
Preparing Sales Report
  • Now set the date range for which you want to get the Sales Return report for and click on Filter. It will filter out the related details of sales return for you. You will also get to view the report with entities like Voucher No., Date, Customer, Quantity, Tax, Discount and Amount.
Report Details

So there you have it, now you have the complete Sales Return report. In case you want a hard copy of the report, you can simply get it by clicking on the Print option in the top right corner.

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