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Purchase Return Report

From the v1.2.3 onwards, Accounting module, of WP ERP, you can generate reports based on the purchases that have been returned for the current financial cycle/year.

Let’s see how can you generate the report based on the purchase return within your company.

How To Prepare Purchase Return Report

  • First of all, navigate to WP ERP> Accounting> Report> Purchase Return
  • Now click on the View Report button to see the full details.
Purchase Return Report
  • Once you enter the report page, select the date range that you want to generate the Purchase Return details for.
Purchase return
  • After that, you’ll get the voucher details, date, vendor information, products, quantity, vat, discount and total amount informantion at one place. Print it if you need a hard copy to carry with you.

That’s all! This is how you can generate the essential Purchase Return report for the financial year of your company.

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