Best WordPress Job Manager Plugin That Upgrades Your Hiring Process

Best WordPress Job Manager Plugin That Upgrades Your Hiring Process

We are fully aware the HR department today needs plenty of internal automation applications for survival in the market. Recruitment is an integral part of every HR functionalities. And so when you have a WordPress website, then finding the right WordPress job manager plugin is really important. Also, in order to conduct job management operations efficiently, this plugin could come in real handy.

Moreover, it’s also one of the essential steps if HR managers are to juggle well the core responsibilities like candidate screening, interviews, and applicant management. Because let’s face it: these are super toilsome and time-consuming tasks! But making a wise choice between the various automation programs and applications available out there is critical. A WordPress Job Manager Plugin is one of the goodwill rescuers for HR.

The popular Recruitment extension for WP ERP is one such solution that takes care of the employee hiring process from A-Z. It seamlessly integrates with your WP ERP and frees you of all the hassle with your hiring process & job posting.

Benefits of Posting Job With WordPress Job Manager Plugin

wordpress recruitment plugin

The work of a WordPress Job Manager Plugin begins with a job post to hire the right employee for an organization. There are mainly two job posting types. 1. Internal Job Posting 2. External Job Posting.

Now The key advantages of publishing a job post under the management process of the WordPress Job Manager plugin include:

  • Finding the suitable candidate for the suitable job
  • Able to aim towards a wider audience
  • Easy few step application process for the job applicants
  • 24/7 accessibility whenever and wherever required
  • Opting in is inexpensive & cost-effective
  • Easy filtration option of the candidate
  • Quick in connecting with the applicants

How WordPress Job Manager Plugin Transforms Your Job Posting and Hiring Process

WordPress job manager

Here are the ways Recruitment lets you hack your job application process:-

Save time & effort by taking online exams

Create and take online exams onsite through Recruitment. It’s the best thing about this extension – so you don’t even have to spend a dime to take the physical exams of your candidates. You can keep it all paperless and remote!

It is always an ordeal to arrange exams itself – the paperwork, the arrangement of physical space, invigilators, and supervisors. Not only do you have to spend your time, energy, and money, but you also need other staff to be able to conduct a selection exam successfully.

Recruit new employees from your site directly using interactive questionnaires and forms for biodata. Recruitment comes with predefined candidate biography forms which are customizable. You can build as many questionnaire sets for each recruitment as you want with multiple methods of response.

The extension saves you from physically arranging the exams. You save both your company’s finances and expenditure of resources.

The extension also lets you store and record all candidate’s results in one place. The results get automatically added to the candidate’s profile which you can view later anytime!

Create the hiring system you like

The problem with dependence on other sites is it’s time-consuming for candidates to apply for your job post. A job seeker often has to create individual profiles on other sites before they can apply for a job. The entire process can sometimes take hours if it is comprehensive or if the site is not user-friendly.

With Recruitment, everything is automated. You don’t have to pay external job sites to hire your remote team members. You can easily create job vacancies on your dashboard and post the recruitment on your website.

Talk about convenience!

WordPress Recruitment Plugin - Job Listing page

Another advantage of having your job openings directly published on your site is it improves the visibility of your company, makes your business look more professional and competitive. It gives interested job seekers and users the view that you have a well-built website, that you care about ease, confidentiality, and users’ time. So they are bound to take your job post and business seriously.

Have better organization of CVs, submissions & sorting process

The huge inconvenience of extracting CVs from different sources, like emails, job websites, emails to your office, and have them all sorted and stored in one place cannot be underestimated.

With Recruitment, your candidates can directly upload their CVs and apply from your site. And this will be stored right on your WordPress dashboard. You will easily get a repository of all uploaded files in one place and have a track of all applicants who applied.

View candidate responses directly from their profiles. You can also manually add candidate profiles.

Easily assign status & ratings to each candidate

Even after you have a repository of CVs, it can be overwhelming to manage them all together. Also, randomly tracking a candidate’s current position in the recruitment process. This happens when you do not have a systematic tracking system.

Using Recruitment extension, track the workflow and change candidate status for each recruitment according to the hiring stage they are in. Add a “to-do” assigned to an employee with any candidate form.

Want to note something important about an applicant? You can comment on a candidate and give reviews. When a candidate completes a stage, you can move them to the next one and change their status positively or negatively.

You can clearly label and categorize each candidate for each recruitment. Status includes shortlisted, hired, rejected. You can further filter your candidates by the following:

Schedule interview, put on hold, checking the reference, not a fit, decline offer, not qualified, overqualified, and archive.

What’s more? Well, you can easily create interview schedules for your selected candidates and assign recruitment leads and interviewers.

All of these powerful features and functionalities serve to make Recruitment the ultimate WordPress Job Manager solution.

Now you see! Reducing time consumption and saving money just got easier with the recruitment job application plugin. Moreover, you are able to communicate with each applicant personally. And fully review each candidate’s potential, skills, knowledge, and experience right from the comfort of your WP ERP dashboard.

Recruitment gives you an organized and comprehensive hiring system and ensures you a smooth workflow in every step of the process.

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Win Back Your HR Operations with WordPress Recruitment

Every HR department needs smoother and functional operations to get its desired outcome while recruiting the right candidate for the company. Here is how a solid WordPress Job Manager plugin smoothens up your overall HR Operations.

  1. Get everything you need for employee management in one platform.
  2. No external engine or job vacancy website required for each job post opening.
  3. Save yourself from a lot of unnecessary paperwork, expenditure of resources, and disorganization
  4. Unify & connect your HR processes as repetitive data entry of the same profiles across different places is not required.
  5. You become more productive in your business as you are able to allocate more time to more important tasks.

Moreover, these WordPress employment extension features are sure to restart your company structure and revamp your operations!

Don’t believe me? Then check the plugin & extension out and experience it yourself.

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