Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with WP ERP’s Advanced HRM Feature

Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with WP ERP’s Advanced HRM Feature

Many business owners want the best candidate for their company. The HR team uses a talent acquisition strategy to find the ideal candidate.

Though most of the time, their strategy doesn’t work properly, which results in a shortage of the right talents. Many job seekers stop looking for specific jobs just because of the process of applying. As a result, companies are suffering from a shortage of the right candidates.

3 of every 4 (75%) companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring – a 16-year high.


To put effective talent acquisition strategies into practice, let us approach the topic from a more concrete angle. This blog will show how you can optimize your talent acquisition strategy and use WP ERP to take it up a notch.

What Is Talent Acquisition?

Before we dive into strategies for talent acquisition, let’s understand the concept first.

Talent acquisition is simply an ongoing strategy. In simple terms, talent acquisition means understanding the long-term need of your company.

In addition to that knowledge, you need to understand exactly what each position entails. It is about building talent pipelines! Finding top talents and convincing them to bring their unique skills to your company is one of the main responsibilities of talent acquisition.

But, one of the common mistakes many make is – talent acquisition is the same as recruitment. Although they do share certain resemblances, they are 2 different concepts. Let’s understand their ideas in the next part –

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment

The simplest definition of recruitment stands for an active search of eligible candidates. Usually, it ends by hiring them for their respective positions. Similarly, talent acquisition is also an active search for qualified candidates. But it has additional stages and processes for it. It takes more time to work as well.

Talent acquisition vs recruitment

The key difference is – seeing the big picture. With a proper talent acquisition strategy, companies can not only just fill the current openings, but they can also nurture these talents to fulfill future business needs and goals. Where recruiters find qualified people for the roles; talent acquisition specialists attract suitable candidates, nurture talents to grow their skills for the future, and try to retain them as long as possible.

This way of retaining and nurturing the right employees can be done easily with a proper talent acquisition strategy. Let’s dive into the way you can enhance your strategies in the next section –

Tips for Ensuring An Effective Talent Acquisition Process

When it comes to successful recruiting and talent acquisition strategies, you cant focus on starting with small steps. Improve the basic elements that make your business the way it is, and start working on how a qualified employee can improve it. Here are 4 points to take a look at to ensure an effective talent acquisition process:

Let’s take a look at these points in detail –

1. Align talent acquisition strategy with your business needs

Understanding your business needs can help you build a better team. As talent acquisition is done for long-term plans, you need to tailor your acquisition strategy based on the needs. This can be explained better with an example.

Suppose, you plan to redesign your website. Moreover, you want to optimize the website as well. In order to achieve these needs, you need designers. To optimize the website, you will need a frontend developer too. So, as a talent acquisition specialist, your job is to understand these requirements to redesign a website and attract skilled professionals.

2. Attract & find skilled talents via social media and employee referrals

To find suitable candidates, you have to change your strategies of sourcing. Usually, recruiters spend most of their time on LinkedIn. Yes, most of the talents are indeed active on Linkedin, but that doesn’t mean that’s where all the right people are.

For example, if you want a new software engineer for your company, the best to look for is Stackoverflow. If you want a new designer, then you have to search in Dribbble. When you understand where to look for talents, finding the right candidates get much easier.

WP ERP recruitment

Understanding where to look for talents is one thing, to attract them to your company is entirely a different part. One of the key responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist is – to use social media to attract talent. In these platforms, when you showcase what they get to do, how are they going to be rewarded, and how you can help them grow their skills, you will automatically get many skilled workers.

Besides social media, employee referrals are another good way to attract skilled workers. If your existing employees are skilled and engaged in their community, then they can be another good source.

3. Simplify and automate the hiring processes

No matter what your talent acquisition strategy is, if your recruitment process is slow and has too many steps, you will miss out on many talented employees.

Many HR professionals believe that their hiring processes are inefficient and outdated. They have to do tons of manual tasks every single time. Which makes the process long and slow. Many talents don’t have the patience to go through this rigorous process. Or they get better opportunities in different companies.

By simplifying your recruitment process and automating all manual tasks, you will have better chances of more promising talent acquisition. Using hiring tools like WP ERP HRM for a better recruitment process can be a part of your talent acquisition strategy too.

4. Offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits plan

In recent years, employee turnover has increased by a significant amount. Most of the resigned employee’s complaint is – not getting proper rewards or benefits for their hard work. Moreover, talent acquisition has become a challenge as companies face constant turnover.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 in great

Harvard Business Review

Even if you find a suitable worker to replace old employees, if there are no benefits and growth available for the talent, then all your hard work or your talent acquisition strategy will go in vain. So, for ensuring an effective talent acquisition strategy, you need to make sure your employees are rewarded for their hard work. These awards or benefits can attract many talents if implemented correctly by the company.

How WP ERP Can Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

wordpress job manager

So far, we have only discussed how we can make better strategies for hiring. Implementing most of these methods can be a time-consuming process.

To make sure you can enforce these strategies without any hassle, you can use WP ERP’s advanced hiring extension: Recruitment. Let’s see how this extension can optimize your company’s talent acquisition strategy –

1. Recruit directly from your WordPress site

One of the main problems that many HR professionals face is – job posting. Many recruiters use 3rd party websites to post job vacancies. But these sites charge a lot of money. Moreover, manually updating the job posting page every time is not efficient.

To solve this issue, you can use WP ERP to create a dedicated page for only job postings. After creating a new job posting using this extension, all you have to do is to paste this shortcode – [erp-job-list] into a new page, post, menu, or anywhere to display all the published and available jobs for your company. One thing you need to know about this – you cannot generate individual shortcodes for individual openings.

2. Create a hiring workflow

Once you have created a job posting on your site, the next part of your work is to plan the steps of candidate evaluation. You can drag and drop the actions you want to go through or add a new step of your choice.

hiring workflow

Track the workflow and change candidate status for each recruitment according to the hiring stage they are in. Add a “to-do” assigned to an employee with any candidate form.

3. Get opening and candidate reports to analyze the data for a better strategy

One of the important features you get from this extension is – reporting. Opening, candidates, and from CSV reports, you can analyze how candidates have done. From these reports, you can understand what kind of candidates you are attracting and how you can do better for attracting more skilled candidates.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about the process of hiring new employees using our very own WordPress Recruitment Plugin?

It saves your time and also money as you are getting the opportunity of hiring potential candidates using an organized workflow directly from your company website.

You don’t have to rely on any third-party service or website to hold your job openings and also the hiring process. Simply install the plugin and make the hiring process easier in seconds.

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