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WP ERP Accounting Module Revamped with Powerful Features

The first and complete ERP solution in WordPress – WP ERP is trusted and actively being used by 10,000+ businesses all over the world.

To cover all the aspects of your business, all the necessary modules – HRM, CRM, Accounting are present in WP ERP.

If you are a WP ERP user, you already know that deploying timely releases has always been our priority. The developers behind this inventive business management solution never fail to do their research on the user demand before building a release.

In this process of continuous improvement, this time we are revamping the WP ERP Accounting Module to make it even more user-friendly, more intuitive than ever.

What to Expect from the New WP ERP Accounting Module

To give the Accounting system more fulfillment, some new features are coming as well as the old features are enhanced.

Here’s everything you’ll be getting with the new WP ERP Accounting Module.

New Look - WP ERP Accounting
The new look of WP ERP Accounting Dashboard

SPA Technology

No need to say how important the response time is for any application.

That’s why we’re introducing the SPA (Single-Page Application) technology this time in your Accounting module.

So, no more page loading is required whenever you click on a new option. All the functions will be loaded dynamically on the same page.

Opening and Closing Balance

Opening balance and Closing balance both are included in this new Accounting module.

Opening balance in WP ERP

So that you can manage your Accounts more effectively.

Modern Invoicing System

The new invoicing system will let you create a more stylish and fresh-looking invoice than ever. Moreover, creating an invoice is going to be more intuitive with this version of WP ERP Accounting.

Tax Accounting

Experience more robust tax management from your dashboard with features like country-wise tax rate configuration, tax payment, etc.

Zone-wise tax rate - WP ERP

Since there are varieties of taxes everywhere, we have made tax management more flexible and fully customizable for you.

Expense & Check

Expense management is one of the most used and important features in WP ERP Accounting.

In the new Accounting system, we have introduced a standalone expense option.

Also, you can perform expense transactions through the newly introduced Check option under Transactions.

Billing System

For a faster cash flow in a business, a proper billing system can be of great impact. For this reason, a more efficient billing system is embodied now in WP ERP Accounting.

Billing with WP ERP accounting

Now you can create bills and payments against the bills more conveniently.

More Advanced Reporting

Reports on Trial Balance, Income Statement, Sales Tax, and Balance Sheet have been more robust, more organized in your new Accounting module.

On top of that, achieving more accuracy is easier than before with the new Ledger Report.

Intuitive UI

WP ERP Accounting

The newly polished user interface is so sophisticated that you’ll find everything at your fingertips.

Don’t worry, we haven’t altered the entire design, we just improved it to a more intuitive one

So that you won’t feel lost and can easily relate to the old Accounting system.

Note: The new version of WP ERP is already on the market. We published another detailed post with all the features and described the way- how to migrate to the new version. Give that a check now! Here we are adding one part from that post about how to migrate.

How to Migrate?

Don’t worry, it’s easy. You will get a message to update the plugin- WP ERP with a link. This update will be for the 1.5.2 version. You need to just click on the given link. And WP ERP will automatically be updated within minutes. You don’t need to backup your previous data or do anything else. The plugin will automatically transfer and process your previous data in the latest version. Click to check the complete migration process.

Summing Up

To make all your workflow more streamlined and more effortless to perform, we are revamping WP ERP Accounting. Making things simpler and efficient at the same time is our main goal behind these ground-breaking changes.

We are determined to deliver quality products so that you can grow your business with us. Let us know what you think about the new changes in the Account Module of WP ERP.

Also, please take a moment to answer some simple questions from the survey below if you are an existing user of WP ERP Accounting. Because your opinion matters. And it won’t take more than a minute but will really help us to improve your overall experience with WP ERP.

Thanks in advance!

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    Can you please tell me when this will be released?

  3. Nayeem Shahriar

    Nayeem Shahriar Editorial Staff  

    Hi Mona,

    Thank you for your query. We are expecting to release the new Accounting module by the first week of next month.

    The development and testing phases are done. We are working on the data migration, documentation and other final touches so that existing users can have smooth transition from the older version.

  4. Hak


    Will this be for the free core plugin or will it be a new plugin that they will take advantage of to charge?

    1. Nayeem Shahriar

      Nayeem Shahriar Editorial Staff  

      Hello Hak,

      The update will be deployed on the entire plugin. That means the core updates will be available in the core plugin (free version), the advanced and premium features will be available in the premium packages, just like always. No users will be charged anything extra for this update.

      Thank you 🙂

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