Creating Invoice

There are two ways you can create an invoice for a customer.

1. Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Accounting → Customers → and click on Create Invoice on any customer.

2. Go to WP Admin Dashboard → Accounting → Sales → and click on Invoice.

This form will create a new invoice. Select the proper account for depositing the money and fill out other details. Choose a product and tax if applicable.

Things to notice

  • The reference number should be unique for each invoice. So it is better to follow a pattern. You can format it from WP ERP → Settings → Accounting → Invoice
  • You can select an existing customer or create a new customer directly from this page.
  • You can add multiple items by clicking +add line button. So you can set taxes and discounts separately.
  • You can assign a sales tax to an entry from the Tax% dropdown menu. Create customized taxes from WP ERP → settings → accounting → sales tax.
  • You can draft an invoice.
  • You can attach a file with an invoice. Admins or managers can view them.

When done, you can view the customer profile to see if the customer has been credited.

Just click on the customer name from WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Accounting → Customers.

This enlists a transaction history for the customer.

customer invoice 2

Or go to go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Accounting → Sales and check for the entry there.

sales transactions

How will I know if an Invoice has been fully paid?

There are three statuses for an Invoice which help you to understand this situation.

  1. Awaiting Payment
    This is the default status when you create an invoice. This means there has been no payment.
  2. Partially Paid
    When a customer makes a payment/debits some portion of the total credit, the invoice is partially complete.
  3. Closed
    Which means that the customer has completed payment of his invoice.

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