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Sales Tax Report

Generating Sales related reports for your Accounting department could be a tedious task. But WP ERP accounting module makes this process easier and simpler. Yes, you can easily prepare your essential Sales Tax report without any hassle.

In this documentation, we will highlight the process of generating various Sales Tax related reports on your WP ERP Accounting Module.

How to Use Sales Tax Report

First of all, navigate through WP ERP> Accounting> Reports> Sales Tax

Sales Tax Report

Once you click on the Sales Tax‘s View Report button, you’ll get four different report generation options that include:

  • Agency Based
  • Transaction Based
  • Customer Based
  • Category Based

Agency Based Report

Once you click on ‘View Report’, inside the tab you will several Agency Based report generation entities. After that, you will need to select the agency, set the date range.

Sales Tax Report

Tap on the search bar to find the enlisted agency. And then click on the Filter button.

After that, you will be able to view the Agency Based Tax Sales Report:

Sales Tax Report

Transaction Based Report

On the same window of Sales Tax Reports, click on the Transaction-Based report. Here you’ll find all the information related to your past transaction history.

In this section, you will need to insert the range of dates from start and end for report generation that you want to filter. Once you have selected the date range, click on the Filter button to get all the transaction details at a glance. You can also print the report if you want.

Customer Based Report

Again, click on the Customer Based report to get details about your customer’s Sales Tax. It will generate the report based on your customers.

Once you enter the report section, you’ll find an interface. Here select your customers, add the start-end date range, and then click on Filter. You’ll get the voucher no, transaction date, and tax amount of the Customer’s tax report generated within that date range.

Category Based Report

In the same way, click on the Category Based report. It will generate all the details related to product categories on your site.

In the same way, shown above, you can select the category, date range, and then hit the Filter button to get the detailed Category Based report of Sales Tax with information like Voucher No, Transaction Date, and Tax Amount.

So, there you go, that’s how you can generate reports related to Sales Tax utilizing the WP ERP Accounting Module.

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