Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Job Posting & Recruitment with WordPress Job Manager

Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Job Posting & Recruitment with WordPress Job Manager

A company needs employees to function. But hiring the right employees will guide the company in the right direction. Having said that, selecting the best candidates for a company is a daunting task. It is not about reviewing resumes and browsing profiles. A WordPress job manager tool will help in the process.

 Having quality employees will help your company run and grow


The hiring managers need to have a good strategy in place to make sure they are selecting candidates who will take the company forward. They will take the final decision. However, they need to make sure there are eligible candidates from whom they can choose.

This is where a WordPress job manager recruitment tool comes into play. This tool will not only speed up the process but will make sure the right candidates are getting selected.

Reading this article, you will get the idea of how a recruitment tool can help in the candidate selecting process.

How A WordPress Job Manager Tool Can Simplify Your Hiring Process

WordPress job manager

Whenever there is a vacancy in the company, they start looking for the right candidate to fill that vacancy. In order to hire an employee, a process is followed.

In the good old days, we used to see these job circulars in the newspapers, postcards and we had to apply manually.

But this would take up a lot of time. Now there are tools to simplify this process.

Let’s see how a recruitment tool can make this process easier,

Posting About Jobs- A necessary Feature of WordPress Job Manager

WordPress job manager

The first step of the hiring process is to post about the job so that people can know about the vacancy. But that circular should be clear so that people can easily understand for which post they’re applying.

Doing that manually can leave out important information about the post. But using a WordPress job manager tool can reduce that chance. Job posting will become more easy and precise.

Easy Recruitment Process

After posting about the job, the candidates will start to apply. However, there can be 100 or even 1000 applicants. To shortlist the eligible candidates, you will need an easy and thorough process. With the right recruitment tool, you can easily do that.

Selecting The Candidate

Last but not least, after all the processes the hiring manager will select the candidate or candidates. To smartly handle that, you need the right information. Don’t worry, with the right recruitment strategies and tools, you can select the candidate straight from your website. It will save a lot of time and help you get the right candidates.

WP ERP Recruitment Extension

So you can get an idea from the above discussion that an automated tool can speed up the process of recruitment.

Having said that, WP ERP Recruitment extension has all the modern and unique features to make the life of the hiring manager easy.

Manage Your Job Posting & Recruitment Using WP ERP Recruitment Extension

WP ERP Recruitment add-on can help the HR department of your company by providing a workflow-based organized system. It can be easily integrated with WP ERP and also very easy to use.

Let’s dive into how WP ERP Recruitment extension can speed up the hiring process.

Create A New Job Opening Using The Wizard

Using the recruitment extension, you can create a smart and precise job opening post with a few simple steps.

WordPress job manager-WP ERP-Job Opening

As you can see from the above GIF, you have the options like

  • Job description: Add post name and the post description.
  • Hiring Workflow: Decide in what order you are going to conduct your interview.
  • Job information: Add the criteria required for the post, add experience and much more information.
  • Basic information: Select what information do you need from the candidates.
  • Question set: If you want you can add some questions. So when the candidates apply for the post, they have to answer some questions to become eligible.

Check out this documentation to get a clear idea.

Post Job Circular Without Any Cost


After creating the job circular, you need to post it. Just paste the above shortcode on the website you want to publish the circular. That’s it. You don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone or any third party.

WP-ERP Job posting

Select Candidates with Candidate Profile

Before coming face to face, it is good to get an idea of the candidate beforehand. With the recruitment extension of WP ERP, you can easily do that. When a candidate applies for a post, a profile will be automatically created for that employee.

The hiring manager can view that candidate’s CV, add ratings and comments. The hiring manager can even assign a task to that candidate.

recruitment candidate profile

Check out this article to know more.

Hiring a member of the company can be a complicated process. But using WP ERP recruitment extension can ease up the process by a lot. So, if you are looking for a solution to these elaborate processes, WP ERP Recruitment is the answer.

FAQ about Recruiting with WordPress Job Manager

How will I evaluate the results?

Results will be automatically added to the candidate’s profile.

Will I require any external engine or job vacancy website?

No. You can publish your job circular directly on your site.

Can I add candidates manually?

Yes. Go to Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Recruitment → Candidates → Add candidate → Choose the job opening you want to add a candidate to.

Can I assign activities to the candidates?

Yes. You can create interview schedules, assign staff, recruitment lead and interviewers to candidates. When a candidate completes a stage, you can move them to the next one and also change their status.

Can I get a detailed report?

Yes. A comprehensive report system will show you all the essential details about your job openings and candidates at a glance.

WordPress Job Manager- Which One to Choose?

Job posting and hiring a member can be a complicated process for the HR manager. But if the right and the smart procedure is followed, then that complicated process will become easy and manageable.

So, use the right WordPress job manager plugin and ensure that you are hiring the right member for your company. The right candidate will carry the company forward.

So check out the WP ERP Recruitment add-on and become smart with choosing the right candidate.

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