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How to Use WP ERP’s HR System Effectively to Run Your School

How to Use WP ERP’s HR System Effectively to Run Your School

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘school‘? Many of you will give different answers. But everyone has enjoyed their school life that’s for sure.

Over the past 10-20 years, the school system has changed along with education. The popularity of technology has taken over the school admin system a long time ago. Almost every school admin system has become digitalized these days.

So if you are thinking of building a school admin system then we have got just the right technology for you. Using the HRM extension of WordPress ERP, you can easily build an HR manager school system from scratch.

But why will you make your school admin system online based? Let us first discuss it.

Why You Should Make Your School Admin System Online

We are living in an era where everything is run by technology. If you are not using them either you are a monk or a saint. But joking apart, if you want to catch up to the world then you must utilize the use of technology.

And what better place than the school to start the use of technology especially for the admin system. Let us see some points, shall we?

Time Saver

Technology makes everything automated so why not the school admin system? The work that would have taken hours, Softwares will do that literally in minutes. Saving you a lot of time.

Time saver_hr manager school

That time can be utilized in developing the growth of the students. That is the main goal of a school, right?

Track Employee Whereabouts

A school is basically built around a large area. So, if a teacher or a clerk starts wandering around without doing their job outside the school premises then it will become hard to track them.

But, the answer again lies in technology. With the advancement of technology, if a teacher or a clerk or any employee goes outside of the school premises then the system will be able to automatically detect.

Easy Hiring Process

No matter what the department is hiring an employee for a school can be really challenging. Because of their direct involvement with the students, one wrong employee can hamper the development of a whole bunch of students.

Hiring process

Therefore, the hiring of any employee has to be taken with great care. The software will not only automate the process but also will make sure that the employee is perfect for the job.

All you have to do is input your requirements.

Never Lose Any Data

Those who are working in the admin system has had a nightmare at least once that we have lost all the data. Sometimes that nightmare comes true. There are many solutions out there that are experts in managing files and documents full of data.

However, if there is a reliable backup source is available then there is no need to worry right? You can easily backup all the files and data. And a sensitive institution like a school, all the data are crucial.

Many data may carry the future of many students. If they get lost imagine what will happen!

That is why an online HR manager school system can come in handy and prove to be quite useful. But what solutions can provide these features?

In WordPress, there are many solutions to build a Human Resource Manager system. But nothing is like the WordPress Enterprise Resource Solution. It has modules that can take care of the start of any system and extensions to take your system to the next level.

How WP ERP HR Manager Let’s You Modernize Your School System with Ease

If you have heard about WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning (WP ERP), then you know what cool features this plugin has. The core plugin is for free! Yes, you heard it right. It is for free. Therefore, modules like,

  • HR Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Accounting

you get without paying any money. But how are these modules going to help you set up a school system? Well, it has some cool extensions that you can buy for a minimum price. You don’t need to use all the extensions but we are going to talk about the extensions you will need to build a school system from scratch.

So, let’s get into the steps of building an HR manager school system.

Installing & Customization of WP ERP

First and foremost, you have to install WP ERP on your website. It is really simple as installing any other WordPress plugin. Next, you have to customize and prepare your backend.

Don’t get confused. You need to create departments and designations.

To create departments navigate to WP ERP-> HR-> Departments and click on Add New button. There you can easily create departments with all the details you need.

Departments_HR school manager

The same goes for creating designations as well. Go to WP ERP-> HR-> Designations and click on Add New button.

Designations_hr manager school

So you are done with creating departments and designations. Now you need to recruit employees. WP ERP has an extension called Recruitment.

Recruitment: Hire Fresh Faces

WP ERP HR manager offers a Recruitment extension that makes the hiring process easier. This extension will add an extra flair to your HR manager school system by providing this service.

WP ERP recruitment

This extension will take care of the work job posting for hiring new employees. Also, it will make sure that you are hiring the right candidates for your school. You just have to put the right information where needed.

Your recruitment process has been taken care of.

Assign Employees to Their Designations & Departments

Now, you need to give employees their respective positions and departments. That is quite easy.


Just click edit on the employee name and you will find the options to add hiring date, select the employment type, their positions and departments they belong to.

Attendance: It is mandatory!

In a school not only the student’s attendance but also the attendance of other employees like teachers, Clarks, Admin officers, etc matters. Having said that in this era of technology it is quite impossible to bunk. And the Attendance extension of WP ERP makes sure of that.

attendance software

You can easily manage your employee’s attendance using this software. It has pro features like,

  • Multiple check-ins and check-outs
  • Flexible shift creating
  • Import and export feature
  • Unlimited shift creating
  • Interactive pie chart of attendance

Now no one can bunk class!

Training: Make Your Employees More Productive

Training can be seen as a way of reducing the productive hours. But if you balance the training between working hours then it can prove to be more useful. That is exactly what you will get from the Training extension of WordPress ERP.

employee training software

The advantages of having training software especially in an organization like School can prove to be a game-changer. You can easily,

  • Address any employee’s weakness
  • Improve employee performances
  • Ease the process of learning
  • Give multiple genre knowledge
  • Increase employee job satisfaction

Capable teachers mean capable students!

Payroll: Bid Farewell to Hours of Salary Calculations

After working hard the whole month, nothing gives happiness more than the reward of that hard work. In this case, the reward is the salary. Managing an employee’s salary can be a daunting task.

However, the addon Payroll of WP ERP makes the salary management process completely automated.

WordPress Payroll Plugin

The advantages of the Payroll extensions are,

  • Manage employee salary in automated ways
  • Configure bank and tax details of individual employees
  • Get a bird’s eye view
  • Run pay calendars on specific dates automatically for weekly, quarterly or monthly.
  • Easy integration with Accounting and HR manager module

Happy teachers mean happy students!

Document Manager: Backup Everything

You can easily backup everything using the Document Manager extension of WordPress ERP. Paper can easily get damaged or lost. So, you can understand the necessity of a backup solution.

WordPress Document Manager for Managing Your HR Documents

You can easily,

  • Upload files
  • Get extra security
  • Recover files
  • Capping file size
  • Navigate through easily

No more of losing any documents.

Bonus Extension: HR Frontend

Not everything has to be managed from the backend. Using the HR Frontend extension you can easily manage everything from the frontend. This extension will give you some extra style and class.

HR Frontend_HR manager school

So, why not give a cool look to your HR manager school system.

So, what do you think? If you are thinking of modernizing your school human resource system there is no better system than the WP ERP HR management system. It will give you all the flexibility and backup you need for your school admin system.

Wrapping Up

It is not easy to build something from scratch. If you need any assistance from every way you are always welcome. As you can see how much easier it became when building the school admin system using the HRM module of WP ERP.

Also, it has an Accounting module that will help you keep your budget in check and make sure you are not going overboard. You can check all the services out of the demo version.

You can check out this video for more information.

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