weDevs Introducing WP Hive: A WordPress Repository to Easily Generate Plugin Insights

weDevs Introducing WP Hive: A WordPress Repository to Easily Generate Plugin Insights

weDevs is enlarging its community with innovative software. Today weDevs is entering WP Hive– a bold new take on the WordPress repository. WordPress users will get a better, more robust and beautiful way for plugin insight, searching, comparing, and more.

The Idea Behind WP Hive 

WP Hive Home Page- wordpress repository

For the last 10 years, there are no notable improvements in repository. Though they are very busy building the future with Gutenberg but the existing experience of did not improve.

A few months ago we wanted to use a minimalistic looking social sharing button. We searched through a lot of free plugins but we were undone without any success. Maybe we are too picky or professionally biased, but all we wanted was a clean, minimal social share plugin & subscriber popup – that doesn’t hurt readability or makes the site slow.

Whenever we used a plugin that was either too heavy or did not meet our needs.

On the second day, we started testing each plugin and checking memory usage, page loading impact by each plugin. Because we only wanted to use cleanly coded plugins that don’t take many resources. We started manually activating the plugin, testing it on Pingdom tools, measuring memory usage and whatnot. All the tests were manually done!

So, we think, if there is a website which can automatically answer our most common questions like- 

  • How much memory it has been using? 
  • Does it impact page speed? 
  • Is the plugin regularly updated?  

Won’t it be awesome? Well, we build a website where now you can get all those answers automatically. We have named it WP Hive. 

Highlights of WP Hive: A Smart WordPress Repository

WP Hive has some super cool features for you. Let’s discover them together.  

Better Insights

Have you ever wondered how much impact a plugin has on your WordPress website? There hasn’t been any tool to measure this, until now. WP Hive is here to do the measurement. This Plugin Testing tool automatically tests a plugin and gives you better insights. 

Extensive Testing

All plugins are measured in the same way. Our separate server automatically activates a plugin and gathers insightful data such as the latest PHP version compatibility, PHP error, notices, warning, Javascript error, database footprint, memory usage & more.

Compare Plugins Side by Side

Suppose you want to compare two plugin, side by side like smartphones. WP Hive’s Plugin Comparison enables you to compare two plugins side by side, giving you a better sense of the difference between those plugins. 

Plugin test in WP Hive

How WP Hive Handles Each Plugin Data

This tool has a unique way to handle all the data. Let’s see.

  • The management scripts, plugin crawler, testing scripts and so on
  • All of them run on a VPS with 8 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM. This server is almost certainly more powerful than it needs to be for this project
  • The test sites are hosted on Google Cloud VM instances, one site/plugin per instance. The machine type is n1-standard-1
  • Whenever there is a new plugin update – the crawler gets it within 1-3 days. If there’s an older test data, it gets replaced with the new test data from the new release of that particular plugin

How to Search For Plugins with This WordPress Repository

plugin insight- WordPress Reository

Head over to the homepage and start searching the plugin by its name. Of course, the search is predictive- the way search should be in 2023!

And, as you scroll the page, a lot of really interesting information such as latest WordPress version compatibility, latest PHP version compatibility, page speed impact, memory usage, javascript issues will be presented before you.

Obviously, we did not end there. We measured each plugin and its impact on the server’s memory and we are showing it with beautiful charts.

Plugin memory usage

You can also view how many tables the plugin has created into your WordPress database and view the different WP-Options.

How WP Hive is Comparing Plugins

WP Hive comparing two plugins- WordPress Reository

One of the most unique thing about WP Hive is that you can compare two plugins side by side

winner plugin

After you input and press the Compare button- WP Hive offers you a table-style comparison of memory consumption, speed and a lot of other parameters. We believe it will massively help you to choose between two plugins.

Discover Plugins by Different Metrics

We know whoever has topped the first page of Google, will get the advantage. A new plugin can’t compete with the already established plugins. This changes with WP Hive.

WP Hive is the new Appstore for WordPress. Just like you find apps from Play Store or Appstore- you can find plugins on WP Hive by different categories.

WP Hive

That means you can search for plugins using the most searched keywords using the search button on the discover page.

Finding plugin- WordPress Repository

You can filter the result to your liking, the ratings and characteristics of each plugin, everything. You can filter the plugins based on several criteria including

  • Top Rated This Week
  • Top Rated This Month
  • Search By Most Popular This Week
  • Also Most Popular This Month
  • And Most Popular All Time

You can also find plugins based on their ratings/reviews. This includes all categories.

WP Hive as WordPress Repository: What’s Next?

There is no doubt that WP Hive is a better version of WordPress repo. In fact, this plugin store has more customization than an app store which can help you to insight, compare, test, and many more.

Enjoy better WordPressing from today and upgrade your WordPress experience. If you have more questions visit the FAQ Page.

If you have any feedback, let us know by submitting feedback.

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