Boost your eCommerce platforms with WooCommerce ERP

Boost your eCommerce platforms with WooCommerce ERP

The one thing that can reduce manual work in your business is ERP software. It handles all the data that helps your business run smoothly.

If you have a WooCommerce website to run your e-commerce business, then it may be tiresome to synchronize all the customer data. But the good news is that you can use WooCommerce ERP software to relieve you of all the trouble.

As an experienced businessperson, you know what a hassle it is to maintain all the data. Especially if you are running an e-commerce business. That is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) comes in.

Enterprise resource planning is a business process management software that enables organizations to use a system of integrated applications to manage a businesses-process and automate various functions.

In this article, we will discuss why you must integrate ERP software and how it will boost your business.

The importance of ERP for eCommerce platforms

When you start an e-commerce business, at first it’s easy to maintain all the company’s data. Because you have fewer customers and fewer employees with a handful of products. But as time passes, it becomes harder to maintain as the number of customers, employees, and products increases. The rate depends on the reputation you have built.

So, ERP software becomes a necessity for your business, regardless of its size. The software will help you sync your data and manage it accordingly.

It has more benefits, like:

Manage data and save time

In the near future, data will become the pillar of success. The person who can manage their data most efficiently can get the most advantage. If you are running a successful e-commerce business, then you have to handle a bulk of data. Obviously, you can’t manually update all the data.

Manage Data_ WooCommerce ERP

Let ERP handle it.

Yes, WP ERP can handle all the different data. From updating the product information to processing all the customer’s orders, it can do it all.

Conversion growth

You must be thinking about how ERP software will help increase the conversion rate. Well, it is quite possible. ERP will help you with the workflow of your company. This will have a positive effect on your conversion.

Conversion Growth_WooCommerce ERP

You can offer more payment methods and delivery methods to your customers. Also, you can structure and automate the processes, which will help you focus more on business goals and customer satisfaction. That includes optimizing conversion at each stage of your customer’s journey.

Efficient forecasting

Forecasting means predicting the future. It is a very important trait for a businessman. You need to have the proper knowledge of inventory forecasting. Otherwise, your products can expire, your stock may run out, and you can have a backlog of orders.

That is where the ERP software will save your life. It will automatically generate reports and also give you a gentle reminder about the whereabouts of your products.

Flexibility of ERP software

The Enterprise Resource Solution has a centralized database system, so it is easy to access it from anywhere, anytime. If you have time-sensitive work, it will help you. You can work from home, office, coffee shops, etc.

In simple words manage your business from anywhere you like.

Cost savings

In every business, you have to be smart financially to make a profit. But one mistake can cost you dearly. ERP provides real-time, accurate information that will help you make smart decisions. Also, it will have a great impact on your ROI.

Team collaboration

To make a business work, you need teamwork. And for effective teamwork, you will need strong collaboration. So, along with fruitful team-building exercises, you need to have a system like ERP that will constantly keep a link between the team members.

Team Building Exercises in Your Workplace for 2020 (Pro Tips for Managers) WooCoomerce ERP

It will help improve productivity because there will be a fun environment in the workplace.

Happy customers

When you are running a business all you want are happy customers. If you can provide your customers with all the services, and products on time and give better service.

Happy Customers

ERP provides this in a few different ways. Most ERP systems are equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool or can be easily integrated with one. With an ERP, your CRM has access to data across business functions.

So, your team can understand the needs and wants of the customer better.

We are talking about e-commerce stores, right? So we are bound to talk about WooCommerce. So, if you integrate WooCommerece with ERP, then you will see that your work will become easier. Let’s discuss it more elaborately about WooCommerce ERP.

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WooCommerece + ERP: What should you consider?

As we said earlier, if you are running an e-commerce store, then you must be getting tired of synchronizing all the customer data. But we have a solution for you. If you use WooCommerece integration for Your WordPress ERP, basically for the WordPress CRM and WordPress Accounting then you can get rescued because,

Store customer data

If you are doing business in this era, then you must know how important storing customer data is.

But let us refresh your mind:

  • If you know your customer’s needs, then you can design and produce better products for them
  • You can know about their expectations
  • You can nurture your customers further down the line with email marketing, Facebook ads, etc
  • Customer data also involves personal information. So, you can offer them special discounts on their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

But these are the tips of the iceberg. If we start writing about the need for customer data, we will run out of ink. But WooCommerce ERP will surely help you to utilize your customer data in the right way.

Target your customers with WooCommerece ERP

With WooCommerece ERP CRM integration, you can easily use filter options to target your desired audience. This will help you send the relevant information to the target customers, and you can easily avoid spamming.

Because we all know how spam or irrelevant information can irk customers.

Add a sign-up button on checkout to increase subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the more opportunity there is to expand and develop your business. That is why most business owners try hard to collect as many leads as possible. However, the technique they use often frustrates the clients.

But with WooCommerce ERP, you can add a signup button during checkout. That way, customers will only add to your subscriber list if they like your products or content. You are not forcing them in any way.

Sync your orders from the WooCommerece website

One of the drawbacks of running an online store is that you have to manually add the orders you receive into your WordPress Accounting. But you know you can do that with only one click of the button. That is possible with WooCommerce and WP ERP integration.

This way you can easily eliminate the pain to create invoices, calculating taxes and other discounts

Generate detailed contact reports

When you have a detailed report of all your contacts, it becomes easy to conduct any experiment or survey. WooCommerce ERP generates a detailed report that will give you clear insight into your contacts.

You can get reports for:

  • Activity report
  • Customer report
  • Growth report.

Divide your customers into groups

You can decide in which category your customers will fall. WooCommerce with WP ERP integration gives you this opportunity. By doing this you can nurture your contacts according to their groups. That way you will know exactly what to do.

So these are the perks of having WooCommerce integrated with your ERP software.

How WooCoomerce ERP can boost your business

We talked about how WooCommerce ERP can help you in many ways. But how can these ways help boost your business to the top? Well,

  • You can use the customer data to exceed their expectations
  • Improves the quality of the products, resulting in increased sales
  • Increases the ROI
  • You can grow your subscriber’s list. That will help you reach more audiences
  • It has mobility so you can conduct your business from anywhere
  • Target your customers based on their personality
  • It increases the workflow of your employees
  • It introduces a better customer satisfaction rate

These are surely valid points that are sure to push your business to the next level.

We have provided you the points on how WooCommerce ERP will help you with your e-commerce store. But is there a solution that will provide you exactly with that?

Best ERP to Use with Your WooCommerce Store

WP ERP can be the right Enterprise Resource Planning solution out there. It is the first full ERP solution. It has 3 modules

  1. Customer Relations Manager(CRM)
  2. Human Resource Management(HRM)
  3. Accounting.

These modules you will get for free. All the modules have some great extensions. And yes the CRM and Accounting module has the WooCommeece extension. It will provide you with all the features we talked about and you will need to boost your business.

It can,

  • Store customer data
  • Synchronize WooCommerce orders
  • Manage the WooCommerce website contacts more smartly
  • Enable you to get all the data with a visual and direct dashboard
  • Generate a detailed report

End note on WooCommerce ERP

If you are using the WP ERP and a WooCommerce website simultaneously then using the WooCommerce integration will help you reduce your effort. You can easily maintain your customer resources and maintain a seamless accounting process.

You may check how to integrate WP ERP with WooCommerece.

If you are already using the WooCommerce integration, let us know your thoughts on the tool in the comment section.

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