Top reliable WooCommerce CRM tools that you can use

Top reliable WooCommerce CRM tools that you can use

No matter how big your company is, customers are always an asset that ensures success. To keep this success going, you need a strong CRM system to make sure that your company’s final project won’t cause a drop in revenue.

The same thing goes for an eCommerce business that offers different services to prospects through an online store. Here, you need to analyze certain things such as customer data, product data, orders, and other minor details. However, providing the best possible experience for your customers is insufficient. Indeed, you must constantly monitor customer interactions with your store and business.

Therefore, smart WooCommerce CRM tools can make it easy and fast to sync all the store’s data into your CRM. Because of this, it will be easier and take less time and effort to make money off of customers’ data. In short, it will help improve your business considerably.

Anyway, if you’re solely intending to use the WooCommerce CRM tool for your online business, this write-up could make your day. We’ll walk you through some of the top WordPress and WooCommerce CRM tools, and talk about their features.

But before that, let’s find the answer to the question below:-

What is WooCommerce CRM?

WooCommerce CRM Tools

We all know that managing both online stores & customers at the same time is not easy for a CRM manager. Therefore, s/he will need to find a solution where s/he can merge both these platforms into one and tackle all the important tasks without any hassle.

WooCommerce CRM ensures synchronization between your standard CRM tool and WooCommerce plugin

That means a WooCommerce CRM tool can easily manage both existing customers & prospects by merging all the client data from the online store staying in one dashboard.

And interestingly, if the customer’s data isn’t stored in WooCommerce, the CRM system will not capture any customer record. That’s why WooCommerce CRM is relatively effective and helps you to manage your customer in real-time.

For this reason, you should know how actually a WooCommerce CRM works and what are the usability of a WooCommerce CRM tool.

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How Does a WooCommerce CRM Work?

how CRM works

Like we said earlier, as a CRM manager, you’ll have to give a lot of effort & time if you individually manage your online store & customers. So all you can do is, rely on a compact CRM solution where you can sync all your store data (details) and make your decision with just in one click.

Okay, let’s briefly see the functionalities of a WooCommerce CRM tool that can easily boost up your online business workflow.

  • Creates a sense of delight among customers
  • Assists you to measure the success of your initiatives
  • Provides a smooth workflow
  • Allows you to see more effective stats on each customer, like who is purchasing your products and how much each customer spends on average
  • Easily helps to manage leads and customers
  • Segments customers syncing all your WooCommerce data
  • Sends emails and provide support to customers
  • Gives you insights to find out which product is getting the exposure & count the specific customer’s order
  • Controls your data to get imported to your CRM
  • Separates your desired customer from all the random WordPress user list
  • Manages data better than ever
  • You can identify the exact customer’s expectation & need

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What To Look For in a Smart WooCommerce CRM System?

Smart WooCommerce CRM solution

The big benefit of CRM is the visibility of everything relating to customers going on in your company. If you want to provide a better service to your customer, you should manage everything from complaints to sales opportunities

Roger Cole, CRM consultant at reseller CPiO 

As a CRM manager, you need to ensure your CRM tool is working fine & delivering the best. Therefore, before you add any CRM tool, you should check its ability & quality so that it can remarkably take up your business growth to the next level.

Because you just don’t only close a sale, rather you should build a robust relationship with your prospects if you want to build a long-term and successful enterprise.

Now, let’s check out some important facts that you need to keep in mind before using any WooCommerce CRM system onto your business. Definitely, it will help you to get an idea of what should a smart CRM solution include in its system.

  • Using WooCommerce CRM tools, you must have the access to unlock more impactful customer stats. For example, the amount each customer spends on your website, their liking, and disliking, etc
  • It should make customer support easily accessible so that you can easily send an email & provide live support to them
  • It can tag every transaction carried out on your eCommerce platform to monitor the status
  • You can also immediately see every order that is made on your store
  • WooCommerce CRM is quite useful in the area of lead management as it ensures all marketing campaigns in one place
  • Gives you an accurate idea of every aspect of your prospects
  • Finally, with WooCommerce CRM you’re able to break-down customer records from your default WordPress details

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Top 5 Hand-Picked WooCommerce CRM Solutions

WooCommerce CRM Tools

After talking about how CRM tools work and the must-have features, now it’s time to share some of the top and reliable CRM tools explaining their core features & functionalities.

Let’s check them out below:

  • WP ERP CRM: Using this tool, you can easily track & follow up the queries from leads, subscribers & clients. Also, it can build long-lasting relations with this feature-rich open-source WordPress CRM which comes in both free & pro versions!
  • Zero BS CRM: It’s a full cost-effective & robust solution made for WordPress users.
  • Agile CRM: You can integrate Agile CRM into any eCommerce platform or WordPress site, but it has some specific options for WooCommerce
  • Hubspot for WooCommerce: The most powerful & easy to use WooCommerce integration that helps to manage customer, track abandoned cart, perform email marketing, automate workflow, analyze data & more.
  • Metrilo CRM: It’s one of the few CRMs that’s made just for WooCommerce. In fact, it allows you to analyze WooCommere data without any third-party integration.

These are the top WooCommerce CRM tools that you can consider to use. But the above features are not enough to justify which one is the best for you.

So let’s check out the feature comparison table of these CRM tools to get an in-detail idea to compare them with each other to evaluate which one is the best.🙂

Comparison Table of the WooCommerce CRM Tools

Comparison Table of Top WooCommerce CRM Tools
Comparison Table of Top WooCommerce CRM Tools

From the comparison chart above, you might find it a little bit difficult to pick the perfect CRM tool for your business. Because all of them are really amazing and apparently offer almost every good feature and function. Surely it will reduce your hassle and efficiently manage customers to boost the sales of your company.

However, to alleviate the confusion, here’s an article for you. After reading it. you’ll be able to easily take the decision especially if you’re going to use any CRM solution in your business.

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Introducing WP ERP WooCommerce CRM

ERP WooCommerce CRM

If you want to sync WooCommerce store details with your WP ERP CRM, there is an available extension for you. Yes, we’re talking about WooCommerce Integration for the CRM & Accounting module comprehensively.

Also, this integration will let you easily import everything related to your WooCommerce order details to your CRM. Here you can set the stage that you want your customers to be in, select subscription settings to set customers’ stages, and much more.

So let’s briefly check out the core features of the WP ERP CRM WooCommerce extension below.

Note: You must have WP ERP and WooCommerce installed & activated on your site before using this extension.

Sync All Your WooCommerce Order Details

After successfully installing and activating the WP ERP & WooCommerce, to find the synchronization option go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Settings → WooCommerce

From here you can start syncing your WooCommerce.

Caution: Do not close the window until the process completes.

WooCommerce CRM Tools

Easier To Manage Subscription

This integration also has an available option to manage subscriptions. You simply need to navigate WP Dashboard>WP ERP Settings>WooCommerce>Subscription.

Here you’ll get three available options.

  • Enable signup on checkout to show the checkbox option for allowing your customer to signup during checkout
  • A default contact group is a group in which the subscriber will be added after signup
  • Sign up option label will appear when your customers will sign up
Subscription Module

Control Your CRM Contacts

Again, to get the CRM options, navigate to the WP ERP>Settings>WooCommerce>CRM

First of all, you need to enable the CRM sync option. Then you can add some certain things.

  • You can set the newly subscribed or added customer stage
  • Same for when any customer purchases a product
  •  Set the life stage for your customer when they will buy something from your store
  • Also select which CRM agent will be your default contact owner, etc.
Customer Relationship Management

Handle Your Order Details with Accounting Feature

Tap on the Accounting Option. And then enable the Sync option.

Accounting Module

After that you’ll be able to configure:-

  • Payment account to sync
  • The type of invoice or payment item for product accounts
  • The type of invoice or payment item for shipping accounts, etc.

Manage WooCommerce Orders Immidiately

After creating a new order by a new or existing customer, the purchasing data will be automatically stored in the CRM contact list and in the Accounting customer list also.


To find the order list from the Accounting, navigate to- WP-Admin>WP ERP>Accounting >Transactions>Sales. Here you’ll get all the latest WooCommerce orders made by the customers in the sales area.

Filter Through Your Contacts Using WooCommerce Details

Similarly, to find the customer order details from WooCommerce listed in the CRM contact list, navigate to WP-Admin>WP ERP>CRM>Contacts

WooCommerce CRM Tools

From here you can search for individual CRM contact from the list, segment the list according to the billing, shipping, and order, etc. Also, you can input the info to create new searches. Furthermore, you can use the data to send newsletters, and create an email campaign.

View Individual Contact’s Profile

Now you can check each contact to view their activities. Therefore, a detailed view of the contact’s profile will be available for you to find the contacts activity log (order & purchase logs).

At the bottom of the page, you will find two new sections titled as Latest Order and Purchased Products.

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Final Words

The same way you take care of your physical stores, you should take the necessary steps for your online stores to get better exposure from your customers. Hence, there is nothing more than a smart CRM system. So, WooCommerce store owners often look for a small CRM solution or tool to keep their businesses going.

So as a CRM manager, you should pick up the right tool at the right time to ensure your online business stands steady under any unwanted situation. In such cases, WP ERP’s CRM tool can help you grow your business by nurturing your customers in real time.

Finally, in this post, we attempted to highlight the best aspects of WooCommerce CRM tools, how they work, and, in particular, the top 5 WooCommerce CRM tools that you should consider using. We hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it will help you choose the right tool for your eCommerce business in the near future.

If you have any queries regarding the WooCommerce CRM tool in WP ERP, then feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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