How to Get Salesforce Internship Program to Kickstart Your Career

How to Get Salesforce Internship Program to Kickstart Your Career

Imagine landing an internship at a company like Salesforce. It will not only give you a boost for the rest of your career but also prepare you for real-life challenges. However, getting a Salesforce internship is quite daunting. But don’t worry, we are going to show you the whole process so you can prepare yourself to get into the ranks of Salesforce.

An internship is the first part of your job career. You need to be very careful of what company you choose to do your internship. There are many big companies that like to hire interns or workers with internship experience.

Tech companies are big fans of hiring workers with internship experience, including Facebook (80.2%), Google (78.3%), and IBM (70.1%)


Also, working at big companies will give you real-life experience. If you work at any small/medium company, there is a chance you will get stuck on working dummy projects or running errands. Because some of those don’t want to take the risk of involving inexperienced employees in their precious projects.

That is why eventually you will get frustrated and will look for opportunities elsewhere. It will eat away your precious times and you will fall behind.

That is why we are talking about Salesforce. This company looks after their interns and makes sure they get all the necessary experiences they need to go ahead. Also, they have a great work culture that will suit beginners.

So, let’s dive into the details and get to know how to achieve a Salesforce internship.

What You Need to Know About Salesforce Internship Program?

How to get salesforce internship to give your career a kickstart

Salesforce is a big company in line with Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc with headquarter being in the famous Silicon Valley. You can regularly find the company listed in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Salesforce offers a wide range of opportunities for internships in different departments. They have internships option for engineers, project management, marketing, sales, etc. Also, it has a robust hiring strategy to recruit research scientists and engineers in AI, machine learning, computer vision, and more.

But their summer internship program is the most famous of all. Also known as Futureforce, Salesforce uses this program to hire interns in tech, sales, marketing, product, customer success, research, and engineering.

You can apply for the internship despite being in a different location. Yes, you can find opportunities outside of the United States of America. You can apply from Brazil as well.

And the way this program is going, it doesn’t look like it will stop for a while. Because, they have hired 6700+ interns, with more than 80% of them being offered full-time positions. That extraordinary success rate. They take care of their interns so that even if they are not eligible to work for them, they are capable of joining any other big/small/medium company in the world.

salesforce program

Key Requirements to Join the Internship Program

  • You need to be in college or a university student to apply. Or you can apply after a year of your graduation
  • Team player and good communications skills is a must
  • There is a necessity for strong oral and written communication
  • Problem-solving skills is needed
  • A wonderful attention to detail is also needed
  • You should adapt to a progressive or fast learning environment
  • Open to learning.

These are the general requirements for not only Salesforce but any other company for recruitment.

Salesforce has four core values ” trust, customer success, innovation, and equality”. The recruiters look for these qualities when they hire interns. Also, they want to see that the candidates have an open mind. They want to see that they are approaching new challenges as learning experiences.

They want to see that the candidates are passionate and focused on their growth as well the company.

Looks like we have got the attention about the Salesforce internship opportunity. Well, if anyone is interested in applying for their internship program, the next part is crucial for them. We are going to discuss how to apply for a Salesforce internship.

How to Apply for the Highly Demanding Salesforce Internship

If you want to apply for a Salesforce internship, you can simply visit or you can connect through Linkedin. Salesforce also sends its recruiters to job fairs held at universities or colleges. You can connect directly from there as well.

Whether you apply online or meet with a recruiter at the campus, you need to fill out an application form. Either way, you need to fill out the same kind of details.

For an online application, you can apply manually or autofill using your resume.

apply for salesforce internship

You need to add your general information, work experience(if you have any), answer some questions, prove your identity(where you are from), and agree to their terms and conditions.

Salesforce internship application

However, the process and questions may change depending on the post you are applying for. Most of the company’s internship programs are highly competitive and the application process will test your resilience and mindset.

In general, the application process will involve an initial phone screening with a recruiter. If you pass this phase, you’ll need to complete a challenge or assessment. For technical roles, this may include a HackerRank code assessment that examines your technical skills.

After you have passed this phase, you will get an interview with the relevant manager. This meeting can be held face to face or virtually. They will test your problem-solving skills, knowledge about the company, and how you can play a role in improving Salesforce’s offerings.

And if they are satisfied with your answers, you can expect them to offer you the internship.

What Is It Like to Be an Intern at Salesforce & How Does It Impact the Career?

The core goal of an internship is to get industry knowledge and how professionals deal with problems. Salesforce internship provides exactly that.

Interns at Salesforce face real-life problems. They don’t just run errands or wait for the clock to hit 5 o’clock. They don’t work in dummy projects. Instead, they work in real projects where they have the chance to make a difference for the company. Even if they don’t get full-time offers, after leaving the company at the end of the internship, they will feel like they have made their mark by working on those projects.

employees thoughts

Moreover, as Salesforce is a globally recognized company, there is a huge opportunity for networking. They will meet with other interns and team members. They can ask questions and see firsthand how they work. Salesforce also arranges sessions and webinars where interns can meet with the executives and learn about their career journey, experiences, gain inspiration, and get advice.

So, how does all this create an impact on career building? Well,

  • Interns learn about team collaboration and communications. Interns spend a lot of time with other interns and team members. They attend real meetings, learn technical stuff and industry jargon. They get their doubts cleared and also learn straight from the experts. Navigating throughout the world of product management can be somewhat tricky.
  • Interns develop leadership qualities. When they meet the leaders and they hear their experts opinions helps them develop product management skiils that they can use in multiple management functions.
  • They do meaningful work. It is not like the interns in Salesforce just do dummy projects or work on assignements. They take part in real proejcts, work with the team and do meaningful work. They get a sense of achivement when they finish any work and it boosts their confidence.
  • Know ins and outs of project management. The best part of Salesforce internship is that it is designed for the interns to succeed. They will get a complete overview of how the Salesforce team work. There are expert mentors and managers to guide the way. The complete journey is like a transformative experience and makes them confident enough to handle the product management work gracefully.

Available Salesforce Summer Internships

So, we have listed all the internship opportunities available at Salesforce at this moment. As Salesforce is not only bound to the United States, we have added the location as well.

Internship List

Available InternshipsLocations
Summer 2022 Intern – Associate Product ManagerCalifornia – San Francisco
Student Worker – Sales Switzerland – Zurich
Consulting Services Intern (MuleSoft)Australia – Sydney
Summer 2022 Intern – Software EngineerCalifornia – San Francisco
2021 Futureforce Business Equality Summit – Post Event ConnectionsCalifornia – San Francisco
Summer 2022 Intern – Solution Engineering, Public SectorVirginia – Reston
2021 – CSG – LATAM – Service Internship ProgramBrazil – Sao Paulo
Student Worker – Sales Austria – Remote
Student Worker – Sales Germany – Munich
Visual Designer Intern – LATAM Internship ProgramArgentina – Buenos Aires
Student Worker – Field MarketingSwitzerland – Zurich
Student Worker – Strategic AccountsGermany – Munich
Sales Enablement InternBrazil – Sao Paulo
Business Value Services InternAustralia – Sydney
2021 Internship Program – Business Development (Sales)Brazil – Sao Paulo
Partner Enablement Intern (Mulesoft)Australia – Sydney
Customer Success Intern (MuleSoft)Australia – Sydney
Professional Services Intern (Mulesoft)Australia – Sydney
Business Analytics Intern – Global Sales Leader Excellence and EnablementSpain – Madrid
Futureforce Analyst Trainee, Salesforce Global Private Equity PracticeSpain – Madrid
Dual Study Degree Program in Digital Management & Transformation – October 2021Germany – Munich
Internship in Sales – Arabic SpeakerItaly – Milan
Delivery Manager Intern (MuleSoft)Australia – Sydney
Operations Analyst Intern (MuleSoft)Australia – Sydney
Intern Security Incident HandlerAustralia – Sydney
Summer 2022 Intern – Tableau Software EngineerWashington – Seattle
Futureforce Trainee, COO Office Central EuropeGermany – Munich
Sales Strategy TraineeSpain – Madrid
Internship in SalesItaly – Milan
Internship in Sales – Hebrew speakerItaly – Milan
Sales Program Intern – MilanoItaly – Milan
2021 Internship Program – Demo Engineering (technical presales) – LATAMBrazil – Sao Paulo
2021 PhD Research Intern – Tableau ResearchCalifornia – Palo Alto
Government Affairs Trainee – Italian or Spanish SpeakerSpain – Madrid
Solution Engineering InternSpain – Barcelona
Solution Engineering InternItaly – Milan
Solution Engineering InternSpain – Madrid
Business Development Associate-Emerging Markets (Turkish/Greek/Arabic Language)Ireland – Dublin
2021 Research Intern – Salesforce Research AsiaSingapore – Singapore
Salesforce Summer Internship

You can apply for these internships from here.

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How to get an internship at Salesforce?

Fill out the application form or contact directly with the recruiters. Pass the interviews and you can get a Salesforce internship to kickstart your career.

How long it takes Salesforce to give an internship offer?

Usually, it takes 3-5 business days for Salesforce to confirm the internship. But if it takes more than a week, you can always message HR to know the status.

How long are Salesforce internships?

Internships at Salesforce are about as long as a semester. So, 2-3 months.

Do Salesforce interns get paid?

Yes, they get paid. Salesforce internship salaries currently range between $31,950 to $109,616 with top earners making $143,533 annually in California.

Get Ready! Time to Get Your Salesforce Internship Today!

An internship is a key part of your career. A wrong move can ruin your career before it even gets started. That is why it is always important to start off on a good note.

Landing on a Salesforce internship will certainly put your career in the right part. You will get to see from up close how experts work and when they face a problem how they handle it. No wonder Salesforce is doing so well, and getting enrolled for an internship there will surely turn your life around.

So, start preparing right away. Even if this preparation doesn’t get you an internship at Salesforce, you can use this knowledge to land a job in other big companies.

And if you have any more queries, do let us know in the comments below. We would be more than happy to help.

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