Help Your Employees Reach Their Full Potential With WordPress HR Apps

Help Your Employees Reach Their Full Potential With WordPress HR Apps

Here’s to all managers who are afraid of change. And afraid to adopt technology.
A good HR Apps could be all that you need to streamline the employee management process and become more systematic.

HRM is an indispensable function of any business. It keeps track of your employees, their performances and payroll. As a company grows, its policies change and its ways of hiring and managing employees also constantly evolve. So you have to constantly adapt and adjust with a lot of things all the time. And this becomes tough without a system to keep track of all that’s going on. Therefore,

technological change is something you should adopt readily with an open heart precisely because it entails the removal of obsolete and unproductive ways with new, beneficial, and profitable methods.

Adopt this change but preferably through an Open Source Plugin!

Why Open Source Plugin is better than SaaS software?

  • no dependence on the provider’s server: users can run the application on their own servers, i.e., it is self-hosted.
  • flexibility & extensibility: ease-of-use: plugins are generally simplistically made so you can later customize and change it in your own way.
  • simplicity: a plugin typically has few functions, so it’s more manageable for SMEs that do not require many sophisticated and advanced features.
  • additional features: like extensions that boost the performance of the system.

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Here we go over some of important functions of your internal management that you can achieve with HRM:

Recruiting & Employee Onboarding

Strong HRMs allows you to easily create job vacancies on your dashboard and post recruitment on your website. You don’t have to pay external job sites to hire your staff.

Create and take online exams onsite. So you don’t even have to spend a dime to take physical exams of your candidates. You can keep it all paperless!

What’s more – You will have the facility of predefined candidate biography forms which are customizable, thus making your life easy!

Worried about having a complete record of a candidate from application to onboarding? HRM allows it all with its super features!

You can track the workflow and change candidate status for each recruitment according to the hiring stage they are in.

There’s a lot more you can do with this HR extension!

With HRM, Get everything in a single page!

Good HRMs give you a bird’s eye overview of all essential information on a single page. This page will show you many essential information, like the total number of employees, designations and departments. You can also view all the upcoming birthdays among your team members. It allows you to self-check in and check out. Moreover, you can also view who is on vacation or on leave for the day and for how long.

So, you see how easy it makes for you to get all the updates of your team!

Efficiently Create Teams

With HRM you can add an unlimited number of employees no matter where they are!

Categorize and filter your employees as you like under Active, Terminated, Deceased and Resigned.  You can further filter and choose your employees designation, department, and employment type-wise – all from one place!

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Have Full Control With Employee Profiles

Want to edit all information pertaining to your employees? That’s super essential!

As the HR manager or Admin, you are able to edit all the information starting from the basic info, work, education, personal details, and experience from each employee’s profile.

Tabs for inputting employee information include the General info, Job, Leave, Notes, Performance, Permission, Documents, Assets and Attendance. The dropdowns, default categories, titles, readymade spaces for typing, and check boxes make it super convenient for you to create a team!

Have Full Control With Employee Profiles Using WPERP

Competitive HRMs give you full control over your team’s presence and tasks. You can choose to change the status of an employee.

Want to add some notes? You can easily add useful text notes on the employee’s profile to keep track of important information about your employee, under the Notes tab.

Have Full Control With Employee Job Status Using WPERP

Want a seamless way to upload CV’s and biodatas of your employees? And other things like their online exam copy?

With extensions like the Document Manager extension you can upload files of any type here and restrict access to yourself or other admins. It reduces your paperwork, keeps your storage secured, and allows you to open files right on the HRM system.

Check what more you can do with this HR extension!

Manage Employee Documents Using WPERP

Manage your Payroll

Want an automated system that smoothly and correctly pays your employees?

HR Extensions like Payroll allow you to create dynamic weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay calendars. You can set basic pay or salary including different fixed amount payments for your employees. Besides that, you can set up Tax and other relevant payment information to their profile.


The Attendance extension allows your team employees to self check-in and check-out of their work shifts without the need to manually enter their entry and exit times. No matter where they are, the clock is auto-set into the system according to your local time so there is no way employees can alter their check-in and check-out times manually. You can also create multiple shifts and assign to the relevant employee.

Moreover, view monthly reports which show a detailed view of early and late ins and outs, absents, leaves, and holidays from this tab. There is also a nifty print summary button to quickly print a report.

Learn more about this powerhouse extension!

Check Employee Attendence Using WPERP

Rate & Review Your Employees with Performance Reports

Save yourself from the hassle of paperwork and from having to keep a huge bundle of employee information under different files and documents. You can keep it all in a single page! Not just that- you can also create Performance Reports, set Goals and add Comments.

Rate & Review Your Employees with Performance Reports

Create Job Departments and Designations

Create separate departments for your team so that you can manage several teams, large groups and different types of employees easily.

With departments, it will be easier for you to create leave policies, payment scales, department based holidays, roster and duty limits, responsibilities, assets and team leads.

Create Job Departments and Designations

Leave Management Features that let you create your own policies

Easily design leave policies for your teams. Choose for which employee type, designation, activation date, among many other options, you want to enable this leave policy for.


The above mentioned features and extensions can all be found together with WP ERP. It’s a FREE WordPress plugin with a host of very affordable and important extensions that vastly augment its performance. It is also the pioneer and only ERP system on WordPress.

WP ERP lets you handle employees and change in your internal environment seamlessly. It’s intuitive and has an overall interactive and simplistic interface, that can be comfortable for any user. You don’t have to be an ERP expert to run it!

The HRM module of FREE WP ERP is endowed with the right features perfect for your small to medium enterprise that will take your business to the next level.

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