Best Practices in Finance & Accounting to Get Your Books Under Control

A well-planned accounting process is like a pillar to the viability of a business. Because it establishes transparency and tells you the bigger picture of your business with journals, ledgers, trial balances, and financial statements.

However, executing the accounting process efficiently is not an easy task for a non-accountant. But by being organized, you will able to do this with ease. As the saying goes,

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

Fortunately, things get much simpler if you do use an automated accounting solution. Having said that, before using the accounting tool, you can follow these tips which will help you get your accounting process under control fast.

 What are the best practices in finance and accounting?

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Importance of Human Resource Management in Your Business

Man, machine, materials, and money are the vital elements of a business. Of them, ‘Man’ plays the most essential role because it is nothing but the lifeblood for the rest of the elements. Without humans, there will be no effective use of the other elements.

This is why the importance of human resource management can neither be ignored nor be underestimated. In this post, we will be showing reasons why the human resource management is the imperative part for a business. No more fuss! Let’s get right onto the topic.

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user roles and permissions

Control User Roles & Permissions in Small Business ERP Solution

In this modern era, more businesses are adopting ERP solution as a medium of business automation. To this end, you will get a ton of ERP tools out there to meet your purpose. Unfortunately, most of the ERP applications are ready-made and so you can not align them with your unique business needs. It also becomes cumbersome to build your own ERP solution due to the massive amount of investment and maintenance cost. 

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