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Help Scout is a well-known SaaS-based help desk and customer support solution. It also comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. HelpScout’s support software operates like a shared email inbox through which teams provide customer support. WP ERP has developed a Help Scout integration to let users have an edge in providing excellent customer support. With the help of Help Scout for WP ERP, give complete help desk service to users and customers.

With this integration, you can transform your Hep Scout into a full-fledged CRM. And perform more customer relationship management functions with your Help Scout tickets and contacts.

This documentation is the entire process to install and configure Help Scout for WP ERP.


For this add-on to work you need:

1. Help Scout Account

2. WP ERP Plugin

3. ERP Help Scout Integration

Installation & Configuration from WP ERP

  1. To download the integration visit your My Account page. Here you will find the link to download the ZIP file containing the Help Scout Integration. Download the zip file from My Account and save it in your desired place.
  2. Visit WordPress dashboard→Plugins. Click on Add New to upload the ZIP file you just downloaded from your My Account page.

3. When you click on Add New you will be asked to upload your file. Click on Choose File, then click on Install Now.

4. After the file is uploaded, click on Activate Plugin and get started!

5. Next navigate to WordPress dashboard > ERP Settings > integration > Help Scout. Here you will find the default fields for APP IDAPP Secret Key, and Callback URI.The next step is to configure the integration from your Help Scout account.

Installation & Instructions from Help Scout

  1. Login to your Help Scout Account > Profile.
  2. Next, go to My Apps.
  3. Now click on Create My App.
  4. Now give an App Name and Redirection URL. Click the Create button from the popup.
  5. After that, use the APP ID and the App Secret Key for WP ERP CRM.
  6. Insert in the App ID, App Secret key, and Callback URI on the ERP Settings Page. You can find these pages at WP ERP > Settings > Integrations > HelpscoutFinally, hit the “Save Changes” button.
  7. Now, go to WP ERP > CRM > Helpscout. Next, check the Mailbox that you want to integrate with WP ERP, and select the contact group and customer life stage. Finally, hit the Synchronize button to finish the integration process. For example, the contacts here will only be imported to the checked contact group in WP ERP CRM.

This completes the WP ERP Help Scout Sync configuration. You will also get the following success message.

View after integration

After successful integration, you will be able to use Helpsout with WP ERP CRM by going to the WP ERP > CRM > Contacts > Select a Contact > Helpsout. Now, you can use this new Helpscout widget to send Emails to your contacts.
Moreover, when an existing user submits an email on Help Scout, the new ticket will appear in this widget present in the user’s profile.
Besides, when a new user submits a ticket, a new contact will be created in CRM, and a new ticket will also be added to this widget.

That’s all about Helpscout integration with WP ERP’s CRM.

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