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Integrating gravity form with WP ERP Pro, you can sync different form fields with your CRM contact area. In this way, when a user submits information through a form that linked with your WP ERP Pro, the user’s details will immediately integrate and connect with the fields in your CRM Contact Profile.

So the integration process is so easy. This extension is a default feature of WP ERP Pro. All you need to do is, activate the extension, and then follow the integrations process step by step to utilize the Gravity form on your WP ERP CRM site.


Notice: Do make sure that you have successfully purchased WP ERP Pro & installed the Gravity Form.

Activate Gravity Form

To activate the Gravity form extension, navigate to the WP ERP>Modules>Activate Gravity Form.

Gravity Form Sync

After activating gravity form, now it’s time to insert the license key.

Notice: For existing users, you can directly move on to the next step.

To activate the license keys, Forms>New Forms>And enter your license keys.

License key

How to configure Gravity Form

When all of the above are installed and activated –

Step 01:

You need to create a new form. To do that, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Forms→Add New.

New fields

Step: 02

By the right side of the screen, you’ll get all the fields that you could add to your form. So carefully check out the fields and add them one by one.

Form fields

Caution:- Many of our users have complained about the Phone Number Field on their form. The issue was in the phone number format. So before using this field with Gravity form, do make sure you’re selecting the right number format i.e International.

Number format

Step: 03

However, you can’t operate it as long as you need to map the fields from the setting. To do that, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Settings → CRM Contact Forms

Gravity Form Sync

Step 04:

After that click one by one on each field, and find the section that you are looking for.

Let’s say, you want to add the Email field. In this case, you need to select the Email from the mapping.

How to map form

After successfully mapping all the fields, select the contact owner and Group. And then hit the Save Changes button.

Form Mapping

Step 05:

Now go to your desired page or open a new page and insert the form by clicking on the button Add Form.

Gravity Form Creating

After creating the page, you need to add the Form that you created earlier. When you select the Form from the button, it will automatically appear here.

Step 06:

Now when a user submits his information through this Gravity Form, it will be automatically integrated with your CRM Contacts.

Gravity Form Sync

It will also integrate with the specific contact group and contact owner you chose in ERP Settings.

Gravity Form Sync

That’s it.

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