HubSpot Contacts Sync

HubSpot is a very popular CRM. You can now import and sync all your contacts including contact lists with WP-ERP CRM module as contacts and copy HubSpot lists as contact groups in CRM.


Simply upload the ZIP file from the WP Admin → Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin.

If successful, you will see a new menu item inside your CRM menu.


Go to the WP Admin Dashboard WP ERP → ERP Settings → Settings → Integrations

→ Click on Configure

→ Paste or get the API key.

→ Save changes.


Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Hubspot.

From here you will be able to sync your contacts both ways between CRM and Hubspot. If you are freshly starting, you can also make a one time configuration bypassing the ERP settings.

Select the mode of synchronization [WP to Hubspot] or [Hubspot to WP]

Select the contact group and lists that will be synced.

press button synchronize.

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