A Reliable WordPress HR Management Plugin that Makes HR’s Life Easier

A Reliable WordPress HR Management Plugin that Makes HR’s Life Easier

HR is an organization’s human resource multiplier.

As an HR manager, you know very well how difficult it is to establish an engaged workforce across the company. Every day you need to deal with a number of problems and find out the most relevant solution that aligns successfully with the business goal. Undoubtedly it’s a challenging profession!

Thanks to modern technology as now it simplifies the overall process as easy as pie. Now you can easily streamline and automate your company’s HR management processes integrating a full-fledged Human Resource Management System.

So today we will be shedding light on the importance of an automated HR system in your business. Plus a breakdown of a WordPress HR Plugin to foster your revenue with great managerial compliance.

Use of an HR Management System in Your Organization

Technological advancements are riding at a breakneck speed. With this improvement, conventional methods are eventually replaced by modern technology.

Traditionally, a human resource manager has two basic duties to perform: managing employees and coordinating administrative functions.

Human resource management is the policies and practices involved in carrying out the ʺpeopleʺ or human resources aspect of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising

Gary Dessler:

With modernization, the dynamic business environment is also evolving very fast. Such diversity has increased the challenges to the HR professionals understanding the people’s behavior, handling their demand, focusing on the company’s goal, and so forth. In this case, an automated HR system can help you to overcome these challenges.

Hence, it’s really important to automate your company’s HR functions with the right HRM system.

WordPress HR Management Plugin with Great Compliance

WordPress HRM Solution

WordPress has made the web development process so easy that now anyone can build his/her site without hiring any professional. Though WordPress was mainly built for blogging & personal web platforms in the earlier stage but today it is much more than that. Plus now there are a bunch of helpful plugins that are available to provide all kinds of services that a user can possibly ask for. Let’s see how a WordPress HR Management Plugin help reduce your burden at the workplace.

With WP ERP, an all-in-one & full-fledged ERP management system with a powerful in-built HRM, CRM & Accounting tools as modules, any HR manager can manage their common business department process hassle-free. It empowers small-medium businesses to perform their day-to-day business & department-wise activities through a WordPress site. But you have the full flexibility to activate only the modules that you need.

And today we are talking about the WP ERP HRM module. This free WordPress HRM Plugin provides an easy employee management platform for your business. You can see detailed employee profiles along with their personal details, leave requests, promotions, increments, performance logs at a glance right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Moreover, you are not obliged to hire any technical person to operate this system. It comes with detailed documentation and video tutorial. So anyone having minimum browsing knowledge can manage their HR activities with this WordPress Plugin.


Make Life Easier For Your HR Manager and Your Employees with WP ERP HR

what is HR management

WP ERP HR manager module makes it effortless to manage all HR related works in a more effective way. It will give you full access to the complete list of employees. So that you can easily perform all your tasks like searching for employees by department, sending email notifications, making announcements for all employees and so many other things like this in just a few clicks.

As an admin, you can set user-roles and their responsibilities for smooth functioning. As a result, the information will be shown to only relevant stakeholders. Specific roles and role-based permissions ensure the data security of your business.

Key Features of WP ERP HR Module

  • Accurate Record Keeping: Store all the personal details of an employee like- personal information, assessment reports, complaints, increments, and others.
  • Making Decisions Faster: Having all the essential data at one central place helps make more realistic & faster decisions.
  • Smart Data Reporting & Analytics: Get detailed graphical reports about the entire company depending on various factors in a few clicks only.
  • Self-service HR: Enables HR managers and employees to manage their own affairs.
  • Better Administrative Workflow: Simplified enrollment process, smart recruitment procedure, automated leave management, self-hosted attendance system, and others.

Though core WP ERP is free. And you can perform all the basic HR-related tasks of an organization using its functionalities. Furthermore, to meet up your growing business demands you can unlock the premium extensions too.

WP ERP HR supports 11 Premium Extension to encompass all the advanced functionalities required for end-to-end human resource management.

All Extensions of WP ERP HR Module Include:

  1. Training
  2. Recruitment
  3. Attendance
  4. Custom Field Builder
  5. Payroll
  6. WP ERP HR Frontend
  7. Document Manager
  8. SMS Notification
  9. Workflow
  10. Reimbursement
  11. Asset Manager
Dokan Marketplace

Will WP ERP HRM Really Be Able to Manage Your Human Resource from Scratch?

Managing a team of 10-20 members through a spreadsheet seems not so difficult. But managing a team with more members is not a cup of tea. On-boarding process of the right candidate, manage their information, track the performance, approve employee holidays- there are thousand of responsibilities of an HR manager and all these things can’t be done manually nowadays.

However, let’s see how you can standardize the entire process with WP ERP’s Human Resources Management System.

Automated Recruitment Process

what is HR management

From posting job posts to onboarding members, now you can do everything right from your WordPress dashboard. It automates your company’s hiring process with the complete resume manager & recruiting system for WordPress.

Key Points:

  • Provides an automated online recruitment solution
  • Publish job posts directly on your site
  • Sort and organize the candidate CVs easily
  • Change candidate status at different points of recruitment
  • Detailed report about job openings and candidates

Moreover, you can create interview schedules, assign staff, recruit leads and interviewers to candidates, move the candidates to the next level, and also change their status after they complete a stage successfully.

Complete Attendance Management

WordPress Attendance Plugin Human Resource Management system

Now enjoy a complete attendance management system that allows employee check-in and check-out with useful reports. Your employees can easily adapt to this system as it includes an easy-to-use interface.

This WordPress based solution lets you track your employee attendance and manage their working hour in an organized way. So, you can measure their effort, punctuality, and productivity seamlessly.

Key Points:

  • Allow web-based login
  • Having an IP restriction feature
  • Built-in roster or shift management system
  • Day to day report with rich real-time analytics
  • Import attendee’s data directly from attendance hardware

In short, scheduling work hours for employees and overviewing their working hours becomes easier with this WordPress HR management plugin. Plus it enables you to send automated emails to its users as well. So, your employees will receive notification in situations like not fulfilling working hours, late check-in, and more.

Employee Leave Management

free leave management system

Isn’t it exciting to manage all aspects of your employee leaves right from a single place? Using WP ERP HR manager you can handle all your employee leaves at the press of a few clicks in one place.

Key Points:

  • View leaves within a calendar
  • Create non-recurring holidays
  • Calculate working hours automatically
  • Manage & review all leave request from one place
  • Create leave policies according to your company rules

Thus a business owner can easily manage leaves using this tool and get benefited without spending any extra buck.

Manage Employee Salaries

wordpress hr management plugin

Manage your employees’ salary from the WordPress dashboard enabling the payroll extension. It gives you full access to a complete employee salary management system.

Key Points:

  • Adding remuneration or salary amounts to the employee profile
  • Set up account heads for assets, salary and tax reporting
  • Create pay calendars for each of your employees
  • Use pay runs to get started with salary payments
  • Generate reports for easy decision making

In short, you can overview everything including total expenses, spent on the previous month, the latest list of pay run records, payroll history with smart insights – on a single page.

Note: Employees will get an automated payslip on their personal dashboard at the end of the running month.

For a better understanding on how it works, you can go through this complete payroll user guide of WP ERP.

Advanced Training System

You can run an automated training program with this WordPress HR management plugin. It is a convenient way to keep your employees updated with the latest trends. Save your time and increase your employees’ productivity in an easy yet effective way.

Key Points:

  • Create and manage skill development courses
  • Arrange all training resources organized
  • Select assignee by departments, designations or individually
  • Keep training credit, hours, and trainer’s notes
  • Monitor everyone’s performance during the training period

In addition, employees can also view their completed, current, or upcoming training schedule to always stay updated.

WP ERP HR manager makes things simpler to maintain your all HR-related data and process them for further advancement. Apart from these useful features, you will also get some more exciting extensions like Document Manager, Workflow, Asset Manager, and more.

WordPress Employee management

Note: You can provide a better user experience to your staff by bringing the HR module to the frontend.

How weDevs Manages Their Entire Team Smoothly through WP ERP HR

what is HR management

Employee management is one of the toughest jobs in the world. According to Bill Gates:

The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.

weDevs, the maker of WP ERP is a family of almost 100+ members now. Besides office employees, we have also some remote team members for different departments. Managing all these people is not an easy task. It requires both strict supervision and considerate understandings. To simplify the entire process we use WP ERP as the management software of our company.

WordPress hr plugin

From recruiting new members to tracking their performance everything we do with WP ERP’s human resources management system. And we can proudly admit that it boosts our productivity significantly as we have been integrating this system into our business since the beginning.

Related Article: Read the complete journey of weDevs utilizing WordPress ERP.

In a pandemic situation like the COVID-19 outbreak, an automated ERP system like WP ERP can be your one-stop solution. It allows your employee to work from their home and you can easily track their activities sharing a common platform. In this way, you can ensure their safety and at the same time, the wheel of your productivity also keeps moving & improving.


Ending Notes…

With the rapid advancement of the digital world, people’s expectation is also growing higher than ever. Now everyone wants a fast and easy solution to perform their daily activities effortlessly. In this situation, a smart HR management software is essential to give people a real progressive experience at work. Not just that, now it is even mandatory for companies of all sizes, whether they are operating locally or globally.

A powerful WordPress HR management plugin can evaluate your employee management system in a systematic way. In fact, it actually accelerates the workflow diminishing all kinds of paperwork.

In short, its always wise to work smarter, than harder- follow this concept and simplify your HR functionalities integrating WP ERP HR manager into your business.

Do you use an ERP system to operate your business smoothly? Do share your experience with that in the comments section below.

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