CRM Best practices

CRM Best Practices You Should Utilize to Ensure Desired Business Growth

Implementing a smart CRM system in the business is always a wise decision regardless of the size of your business. The reason is, it can easily alleviate your cost, boost your productivity at the workplace, and give you real-time privileges to handle your customers professionally.

A CRM solution helps you to access and organize information about your prospects or customers in great detail

In fact, a smart CRM solution can assist you to stay up to date and help sustain a robust connection with your prospects or customers in these modern-day businesses. So it’s quite obvious that you need to nurture and handle your customer with much care to grow your business at large.

Therefore, CRM best practices can play a vital role here to maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers. This means the properly executed practices will let you smartly deal with your customers & ensure the best use of CRM software.

However, throughout this article, we’re going to cover some major points on the importance of CRM best practices. Hopefully, it will encourage you to develop your own strategy to manage your customers professionally.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the elaborate discussion.

Role of a Modern-Day CRM System In Your Business

CRM Best practices

Generally, a CRM system enables businesses to handle customer relationships, including the data & information correlated with them. Besides, it can also store customer’s contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities in one centralized place.

CRM not only means “Customer Relationship Management” but also narrates to all strategies, tools, techniques and technologies used by enterprises for developing, retaining and obtaining customers satisfaction


So what’s more you can get facilitated with a CRM solution? Well, let’s find out some things about a smart CRM solution here and how it plays a vital role in the modern-day business below.👇

  • Increases chances to manage customer more professionally
  • Builds up strong communication between customers and owner
  • Helps to get important feedback from clients
  • Provides ideas to improve customer satisfaction
  • Mitigates the error and creates the chances of improvement
  • Assists to understand the psychology of the customers
  • Enhances your marketing opportunity to bring more potential customers, etc.

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Effective CRM Best Practices That You Can Adapt & Apply

CRM Best practices

By now all business people understand that customers are always a vital asset for a company. Your company’s achievement extensively depends on your customer’s happiness. No matter how many expert people, resources, or customer information you may have, they all are worthless if you don’t have a precise customer management plans.

Therefore, if you want your CRM solution to be remarkably efficient & powerful, you need to concentrate on important CRM best practices. This could firmly help you to stand out in the competition and grow your business spontaneously.

That’s why in this section, we have compiled six significant examples of CRM best practices so that you can easily adapt & apply to uplift your business growth with a well-maintained customer management format.

1. Pick Smart a CRM System First

According to the research, a properly executed CRM solution can generate an ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar spent. So, the role of a smart CRM solution is a vital factor to sustain this ratio on a regular basis. For instance, you have to measure what you actually need for your business & what are the limitations that could cause issues for you.

So firstly, let’s answer the questions below to identify the possible issues:

  • Do you want something that operates through the cloud, or on a located on-site?
  • Would you favor a CRM that demands a service contract, or costs more upfront to install?
  • Does your organization need in-depth, highly customizable features or the basic functionalities?

So before you proceed with a CRM solution, make sure that it has all the capabilities to fulfill your requirements in a quick time. Otherwise, it will be really tough for you to achieve your company’s goals & continue managing customers at the same time.

A lack of clear and measurable goals results in an aimless project, questionable completion and fictitious ROI

Customer Think

Therefore, it’s really a crucial matter to consider, before acknowledging any CRM solution in the business. However, to mitigate the hassle, let’s check out the below points that a CRM solution must include:

  • Target and build relationships with new customers
  • Strengthen relationships with your current customers
  • View your audience comprehensively
  • Show appreciation to your best customers (and grow your business)
  • Track and improve your marketing performance
  • Save time with automation
  • Get insights to better understand your business

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2. Train Your Employees To Level Up

How to train employees

According to the research, it suggests that constructive training programs increase employee productivity up to 230%, and employee retention up to 70%

Better Employees

Well, from the above statement, it’s quite understandable that the importance of employee training is a crucial thing to consider for any business. That means you should adopt training programs, skill development facilities, knowledge sharing sessions, or implement productivity strategies in your company. So that your employees can easily understand your CRM solution well and properly handle it to support customers professionally.

Now, by the following info graph, visualize the importance of employee training, and why it would be a wise decision for you to pursue in your company on a regular basis.

Importance of Employee training
Source: Learn Upon

On the other hand, if you fail to instruct your employees on how to use CRM, then the entire tool becomes a useless one. So while utilizing your CRM training, try to focus on assisting your employees. And then test them whether they acquired the right knowledge about it or not. Only then you can easily evaluate their capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and managing power, etc. Moreover, training employees can enable you to:

  • Improve employee performance
  • Develop employee satisfaction
  • Find strengths & weaknesses
  • Help to be consistent
  • Boost productivity and adherence to quality standards
  • Help to explore new innovations for company growth
  • Enrich company reputation and profile

Note: If you’re a user of WP ERP, then you can train up your employees using WP ERP HR Training feature. This feature can help you to monitor training programs for different teams & employees.

3. Stick on Rules & Maintain It

CRM best practices

If you want to provide a better service to your customer, you have to be able to manage everything from complaints to sales opportunities.

Roger Cole, CRM consultant at reseller CPiO

From a business person’s point of view, you have to establish a stern rule for your employees as well as the customers. Especially, when you’re intending to properly utilize a CRM software in your business, that time your CRM is only as effective as your business permits it to be.

If your employees are not beware of using it with full potential, or if they are misusing it, then your CRM system will fail to perform with its expected outcomes. So it’s required to set a bunch of rules so that everyone can follow it accordingly.

Therefore, make sure that your employees are well-associated with your CRM solution. By emphasizing the correct use of the CRM system as soon as it is implemented, you’ll be able to guarantee a more constant transition, as well as a more centralized team.

4. Save Your Time on Automation

Importance of Automation

CRMs are designed to help your business by handling most of the complicated tasks when it comes to maintaining your customer relationships. This means that many of the tasks associated with data input can be automated or regularised. In fact, automation features with your CRM solution can effortlessly help you to reduce errors, save valuable time, and prevent doing the same task over and over again.

Benefits of Automations
Image Source: Help System

However, you can have a look at the following benefits of automation in a CRM solution for a better idea:

  • Increases ROI from your CRM
  • Streamlines your business sales process
  • Trains your sales team to act smarter
  • Empowers your marketing team
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Ensures high availability

Important Note: Good news for you! Now you can automate your workflow – emails, contacts, employee creation & more with WP ERP CRM’s Workflow feature

5. Track & Monitor Continuous Progress

CRM audit

A smart CRM system always keeps your business up to date by centralizing all your customer’s data in one place. Therefore, your CRM team needs to be prudent on customer’s insight. More essentially, it means that everyone is on the same track monitoring the things that are working and not. Also, it can give the customer support team a better idea of whether your customers need any further assistance or not.

Moreover, by monitoring your total number of new customers, you’ll figure out whether it is going according to your projected plan or you need to apply other customer acquisition techniques soon. In this way, you can add little more adjustments to your methods or total CRM spending.

However, let’s see what are the metrics that you should monitor for the best use of your CRM solution:

  • Percentage of revenue from enduring customers Vs new business
  • Annual growth rate
  • Quantity of qualified leads
  • Number or percentage of those leads who move to the next step in the sales funnel
  • Thriving calls/emails
  • Average contract duration
  • The total or average time a customer spends in a particular part of your sales funnels, etc.

6. Adhere to Collaboration Practices

CRM Best practices

A major benefit that you’ll get in the modern-day CRM system is, its ability to help improve co-operative efforts, providing the same information across different departments in your company.

Study shows that 26% of customers have undergone being carried from agent to agent without determining their problem, which leads to customer disappointment and lost revenue


However, to make the best use of your CRM solution, make sure that all your employees are getting the notification at the same time when any customer seeks any assistance. Whether with one salesperson, or many, everyone should have access to that particular customer case to attend.

As a result, if any employee fails to give the proper support, s/he can immediately hand-over the issue to their supervisor or other expert members of the support team. In this way, you can maintain team collaboration within your CRM system.

In addition to the above strategies, you can also apply the following methods:

  • Segment your customers
  • Follow up your customers maintaining an appropriate structure
  • Apply social media marketing tactics
  • Help new users to adopt your new system
  • Integrate useful features with your CRM system
  • Always keep an eye on the latest trends
  • And lastly, be clear about your pain points and goals

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A Case Study: How Activision Utilized their CRM Practices

Here we can take the example of Activision CRM. Their idea of engaging with customers was quite tricky yet unique. Actually, what they did was connect their CRM system with gamers through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is how they engaged their customers which indeed was quite interesting.

And due to such a unique style of engagement, they were able to:

  • Diminish customer service-related costs by 25%,
  • Evaluate and fixed 82% of customer-related issues through online self-service
  • Develop communications with its gaming community,
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Increase user satisfaction rates

Hopefully, now you understand the importance of CRM practices and why you should execute it at the right time at the right place.

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Ready To Pick Up The Right CRM System For Your Business?

To be honest your company’s size doesn’t really matter, as a smart CRM system is itself a blessing for your company’s growth and a great asset as well as. Having said that it also means that it is required to make the best use of it as well.

For instance, it’s also important to use the right CRM software that allows you to make the customer relationship better, stronger, prosperous, and solid over time. So, utilize a CRM system that helps you to get rid of tiresome workflows and let its technology flourish your business.

So make the most out of your investment by choosing a powerful CRM solution for your business. 👇

By the way, if you’re searching for an all in one ERP solution for your business to manage your company’s Human Resource, Accounting, and Project Management department including its more sophisticated Customer Relation Management facility, then clearly WP ERP can be your ideal companion to make your business journey stable & joyful.😊

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