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HR Management

The HR Management module of WP ERP is designed to base your enterprise system. It helps you to manage your staff to ensure smooth operation of your business.

Important Features

Here are some basic features of this module-

  • Complete HR Management
  • Go through the details quickly from smart dashboard
  • Gather all employee information
  • See entire lifecycle
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Add private notes
  • View employee leave details
  • Easy department management
  • Designation management
  • Create leave policies
  • Manage leave requests from a single place
  • Manage holidays
  • Announcement system
  • Powerful HR Reporting
  • Rich email templates
  • Company and location management

Adapt the Solution Easily

This doc is prepared just for you so that you can understand how the HR management works. It will greatly help you to manage your business and adapt the system in no time.

Just navigate through the menus from the left menu bar to read various sections of this doc.


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