How To Utilize Ecommerce CRM Software in the Best Way

How To Utilize Ecommerce CRM Software in the Best Way

Isn’t it marvelous to have all the contacts, email addresses, and other necessary information of your customers in a single place? Well, it is exclusively possible in today’s time with CRM software. The eCommerce business has seen the fastest form of growth in the last decade. And so for online businesses to operate properly, a reliable eCommerce CRM software has no alternative.

If you are a WordPress user and want to interact with your clients from the dashboard, then nothing is better than having a WordPress CRM plugin. Most importantly, the eCommerce business owner will get a bunch of benefits from this customer management system. 

Are you new to CRM? Then don’t go anywhere, this article is specially written for you. Here, we will show you how to use CRM software as an eCommerce business owner from the scratch. 

What is WordPress CRM Software?

ecommerce crm software

CRM software is a specialized tool to manage the relationship between the business owner and the customer. Here, you will get a seamless experience to track your sales, communicate with your client, scheduling your meeting, and many other essential features in a single place. 

When you are a WordPress user, you can have this opportunity more effortlessly. There is an enormous amount of WordPress CRM plugins in the repository.  

How to Use WP ERP CRM Plugin to Manage eCommerce Business

How to Use WP ERP CRM Plugin to Manage eCommerce Business

On the web, there is a tremendous amount of plugins if you are a WordPress user. Among them, the WP ERP CRM tool is different and can make your business journey more comfortable and easier. Let’s see how you can use it. 

Setting the CRM on Your Website

If you want to use this CRM tool, you have to download the WP ERP plugin first. It comes built-in with the WP ERP core plugin.

Setting the CRM on Your Website

Enable it from WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Modules. After enabling the module, you will see it on the left side of your panel. 

Overview of the CRM System at a Glance

If you want to view the dashboard, go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP→ CRM → Overview.

Overview of the CRM System at a Glance

In the Overview section, you can get a bird’s eye view of the whole CRM module. The CRM Dashboard provides you the following details- 

  • Total number of contacts
  • Total number of customers, leads, and subscribers
  • Current and Upcoming Schedules
  • Recently Added Contacts & Companies
  • Total Number of Inbound Emails
  • Customer Statistics

Add New Contacts in Your CRM

Add New Contacts in Your CRM

Have a look at the screenshot above. If you click on contacts you will see all the contacts together. The same goes for the View all Contacts tab.

And, when you click on View all Companies, you will just get to check the companies contact information.

add new contact in ecommerce crm software

If you want to include new contacts in your CRM, click on Add New Contact and you will get a popup below and you have to fill up some mandatory sectors. Apart from that, you can check the customers, leads, opportunities, and subscribers individually.

how to add new contact

Now, if you want to send email to your customers, leads or any other form your existing list, then you have to follow our gif below.

For that you may need to configure Gmail API connection in the CRM software. So don’t forget to check out the documention for it.

Check Out the Company Activity Through Your CRM

Check Out the Company Activity Through Your CRM

With the WP ERP CRM tool, you can figure out the whole activities of your organization. Not only the date, but you will also get information about the assigned person and time. Moreover, there is an option for filtration.

Task Management with CRM

Assigning and managing task is quite simple in the WP ERP CRM module. Just go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Contacts. After that, all the process is well described in the gif below.

Task Management with CRM

If you want to check your assigned task then click on the Task tab. Now you will be able to overview the tasks at a glance.

overview task

Creating an Event or Log from Calendar

An online business owner has a lot to do. Among them, a very essential job is scheduling different tasks to remind them on time. Suppose, it can be delivered a shipment or talk with a client who is facing some problems. To do that perfectly this CRM tool will assist you to schedule your tasks.

Creating an Event or Log from Calendar

So, after clicking on the Schedules tab you will get two options-

  1. My Schedules: Here you can see and edit your logs and schedules only.
  2. All Schedules: You can check all the logs and schedules concerning all CRM agents and managers. Moreover, as an admin, you can edit them all.

If you click any of the desired dates from your calendar, you will get a popup. To create a schedule, you must fill in all the necessary sectors.

popup of add new schedule

Creating Contact Groups

In CRM, you can make endless numbers of groups and add contacts within them. When you need to prioritize some specific group of contacts or provide special support to some customers, this feature can help you at that moment. 

Creating Contact Groups

Now click Add New Contact Group tab and a popup modal will open.

popup Add New Contact Group

Now add the Name of the group and if necessary, don’t forget to add a Description. Besides that, you will have the option to keep the group public or private. 

To know more about the contact groups’ features and how to apply them please go through the documentation of WP ERP CRM.

Checking the Reports of Your Company

Hover your mouse on the Reports tab and you will find 3 types of ready-made reports:

  1. Activity Report
  2. Customer Report
  3. Growth Report
Checking the Reports of Your Company

Each of the reports will give you detailed information to understand all the activities of your company. We have made complete documentation to understand the use case of Reports.

So, that is the diagram of the CRM module of the WP ERP plugin. If you feel the hassle to set up any of the features or options don’t forget to notify us on support.

Benefits of Using eCommerce CRM Software for Online Business

how to use ecommerce crm software

You can definitely ask me, “Why should I use CRM? Is it necessary for an online business?” Well, this section of this article is presenting you all the benefits of using CRM software for maintaining an eCommerce site. 

Client Experience in the Next Level

Client Experience in the Next Level

Do you want to provide a better shopping experience to your buyers? If yes, then you must research what they like when they like to stay online, which blog or email newsletter topic makes them happy, and more. Moreover, if the client has an organization, you must know the location, size, or point of view of that institute.

All this information can help you to make a data-driven decision. You can now write personalize messages or emails and engage your customer more than before. 

A CRM software can store all this data for the life-time and you can update as per as you need. Especially, in the eCommerce business, it is essential to know your customer preferences to be more engaging with them. Thus, CRM using can enhance your productivity and as a business owner, you must use it. 

Track Your Task Smartly

Track Your Task Smartly

Checking your company’s workflow is time-consuming. In that case, CRM software can save your time and show you the overall workflow or activity of your online business. 

To continue your business delicately, you may need to assign tasks to agents from the sales team. And, if you use CRM software, it will be easier than before. 

A CRM tool can show you which tasks are done or in the queue to be done. 

Huge Opportunities to Increase Your Sales

Huge Opportunities to Increase Your Sales

Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44.0% year over year

Digital Commerce 360 estimation

So, this calculation says that even in a pandemic situation, people couldn’t stop buying online. Rather it increases rapidly. 

Your business can create a milestone with a CRM plugin. It will help you to study more about the people who are already your customers. Because this system can track your client’s buying patterns. You will get important insights into their purchasing journey and trends. As you can not talk to your customers or research about them physically, this information will help you a lot. 

Basically, it assists to build micro-targeted plans and strategies to improve sales ratio in a short period. 

Improve Collaboration Between Sales Team

Improve Collaboration Between Sales Team

A sales manager need to inspect what the salespeople are doing and how they are interacting with the customers. A CRM tool can make it happen without any hassle. 

Suppose you are a salesperson and you want to follow your team member who is best in talking with the clients. If you are in a CRM system, you can easily observe that. 

The most amazing part of this system is, when a Sales Executive is out for sickness or any other vacation, the team members can pinch-hit for him/ her. Naturally, a CRM encourages team collaboration and efficiency.

Personalize Communication with Your Customers

Personalize Communication with Your Customers

You may need to contact customers on occasions or when it’s necessary. Sometimes, salespeople don’t understand when they should knock the client. You can not contact them regularly, it may irritate them and the terrible situation starts when they start to hate you. So, you have to feel the thin line between you and your customers. 

A CRM software can make it easy to reach your buyers using integrated mailing systems, reminders, schedules, and many more things. Sending emails to individual customers, customer groups or companies will seem effortless to you. 

Besides, you can set up meetings or calls with clients. Additionally, CRM tools assist to assign your team members to an individual contact. 

A huge advantage when 86% of consumers say personalization played a role in their purchasing decision


All the data of your CRM database can be applied to create deeper customer relationships by personalized interactions. Like, addressing buyers with their first name in emails or any other campaigns. 

Increase the Retention Rate of Your Company

Increase the Retention Rate of Your Company

Another amazing way CRM can bring profit to an organization is, it reveals which customers are most engaging or generating the highest revenue. You can classify a subset of shoppers who revisit webinars or open all of the emails by a CRM. These people are an asset to your company and with them, you can make your brand stand out.  

Thus, a CRM can help to increase retention with your current customers. As you are able to insight into their behavior and shopping pattern, you can make a plan or campaign to get back the risk-customers again.

Get the Right eCommerce CRM Software For Your Growing Online Business

CRM software is helpful for organizing a company or organization. Moreover, you can use it for your marketing purpose as well. You may ask us how to use CRM for marketing. Actually, it depends on your preference and the activities of your business. 

If you want to increase your customer relationships and make a progress in your sales, don’t forget to check out the CRM module of the WP ERP plugin. Apart from that, you will have two more modules that are included with WP ERP- HR and Accounting

Please leave your feedback about this post below and share your thoughts on using eCommerce CRM software. 

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