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Creating Groups

You can create an infinite number of groups and add contacts to them. This feature is very helpful when you want to categorize a few contacts for a different kind of support or priority, but they are not from the same company.

Add New Contact Group

To create a new group, go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Contact Groups. 

This dashboard shows you all the names of groups, the total number of subscribers, date of creation, and also unconfirmed and unsubscribed numbers.

Click Add New Contact Group on the top of the screen.

A popup modal will open.

Now add a Name of the group and also a Description (if necessary).

Select if you want to keep the group public or private.

View Subscribers list in a group

To view the contacts in a particular group, click on the group title from the list or hover over the group title and click on View Subscriber.

You will be taken to a new page showing the complete list of contacts in that group. The contacts in a group are called subscribers.

From here you can directly assign a new contact to this particular group.

You can also directly edit or delete every contact.

Assign a Contact to a Contact Group

From the same page, click on Assign a Contact at the top of the page.

Enter the Name of the Contact or Company and then select the Name of the Group from the check-list you want to assign this contact or company to.

Click on Add New to save the contact.

Bulk Actions & Filters

From the same page, you can delete multiple contacts in a group using Bulk Actions.

You can also use the group drop-down filter on the right of Bulk Actions to change and view contacts in other groups.

View All Subscribers in all groups

To see all contacts in all groups together, go back to the main dashboard for Contact Groups.

Click on View All Subscribers at the top of the screen.

This will show you subscribers of all the groups together.

You can view the names of contacts/companies, email address, contact types, groups, and status.

You can also edit/delete a contact, Add New Contact, use Bulk Actions and filter by group-name in this page.

Assigning group to multiple contacts

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM→Contact.

Select the contacts you want to add by clicking on the checkbox.

Then go to Bulk Actions and select Assign Group. Click Apply.

After that, you will be shown a modal window from where you can select the groups you want to add these contacts to.

After selecting the groups, click Add New.

You can also assign groups to multiple companies.

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Companies and follow the same process as for Contacts.

That’s how you can create groups.

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