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The feature ”SCHEDULES” lets you seamlessly plan your future calls, meetings, and emails with your desired contact and company. It’s an in-built calendar that is intuitive, easy to edit, track, and view.

To use Schedules, go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Schedules. 

This is how your weekly calendar looks. The bars show two colors.

The red bars indicate tasks that have been done in the past and logged later. It also includes activities done during the same day that is past the current hour when it is logged into the system.

The green bars indicate tasks that are for a future time and yet to be done.

wp erp crm

This is how your daily calendar looks like.

The length of the bars indicates the progression of the tasks. The oldest task is shortest and the latest task is the longest.

Moreover, the tasks appear from latest to oldest from right to left, showing the latest ones that are due first.

wp erp crm

The upcoming section explains How You Can Create Logs AND Schedules on your CRM. It has critical information on:

  1. how to enter logs for tasks done in the past
  2. how to create events for future

For both, you can assign a contact or company, set the start and end time and date, enter a description and a title of the type of schedule you are entering.

For future events, you can also assign agents or managers.

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