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IP Restriction feature Adds Security to WP ERP Attendance

WP ERP Attendance extension has many features that helps you with many problems related to employee work hours, scheduling, performance calculations, meaningful reports and many more.

WordPress Attendance: Updates, New Features and Changes

To provide you with the best WordPress attendance management solution, we are constantly updating this extension. In this process, we are introducing new features, fixing bugs and also making changes to the system. The most recent update V1.1.1 introduced new features and changes as well.

You can view the complete change log here.

Increase Integrity and Security with IP Restriction

If you want a reliable system where you can prevent time theft, then your wait is over. Now, you can get more secure IP restriction feature with WP ERP Attendance extension.

Now, you may ask- ‘What is IP Restriction?

This feature allows you to white-list IP addresses from which your employees will be able to check-in or check-out. This also ensures security and productivity as your employees have to check-in from the IP addresses that you have white-listed.

Why Would You Require IP Restriction

Self attendance allows your employees to check-in and check-out by themselves from their devices. It is useful when there is no bio-metric or attendance machine. But the truth is- some employee may take the advantage of this feature. Yes, you heard it right!

Your employees may check-in from their own devices even they are outside of the workplace. Similar case may occur in case of check-out. People may left workplace before their shift and just click on the check-out button from a remote place. This is known as time theft.

You prevent these scenario’s and increase the integrity of your employee attendance using the IP restriction feature. You can list white-listed IP addresses of your workplace. By this way, your employees have to check-in or check-out from these IP’s only. Otherwise, they won’t be able to perform self attendance.

How to Setup IP Restriction

If you are already using the Attendance extension, just navigate to Attendance settings and enable this feature. There is a field where you can input all the IP addresses to restrict your employees to check-in or check-out from outside their respective workplace.

Bonus: A More Convenient Roster Management System

The Roster Management of Attendance extension has also been updated. You can easily create shifts and assign them to your employees. This way you can easily manage all the shifts and create a perfect schedule to improve your operations.

This feature has easy drag and drop function. You can drag any shift and assign them to your employees. There is also scope of assigning multiple shifts to a single employee. You can also copy schedule of a week to the upcoming ones for a more convenient and automated system.

Self Attendance System with Useful Insights

The self attendance system for your employees is now more improved. They can get insights of their shifts and timing easily besides checkin and checkout. The attendance widget also contains insights about the attendance status of the employees.

WordPress Attendance Self-Service


Attendance extension is the most popular solution of WP ERP. It is being improved every single day with lots of new features. If you haven’t updated it to the latest version yet, update now to grab these new features. This will help you to manage your employees properly and also increase productivity by saving your valuable time.

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