Organogram Chart

From here on the user will be able to enjoy the Organogram Chart feature which will provide the user with a visual representation of the company’s employee hierarchy. And this time the user will be getting this feature with your favorite WP ERP HR module.

This Organogram chart will display the company’s internal ministry starting from company owners, team managers, and administrators to all the employees working under them in a single chart. This makes it easier for users to scan and know which employees are working under which team based on their roles and responsibilities.

So let’s quickly find out how you can utilize this new feature of the WP ERP HR module.

How To Get To The Organogram of the WP ERP HR Module

Before using this feature, do make sure that you have the updated pro version of WP ERP installed on your WordPress site. You will also need to have the WP ERP HR module to be able to use this new feature.

  • To find this new option on WP ERP HR module, navigate WP-Admin> WP ERP> HR >People >Org Chart

*Note that Org is the short form of Organogram here.

From here you can find all the team of employees placed in a chart based on their roles & department.

Once you click on the department (left side of the screen), other available and related departments will appear showing all the details.

Org Chart department

How Does Organogram Chart Work

Now you might be wondering how does this feature work or how to use it so that it will be able to graphically represent all team members in a single chart automatically.

To see how it works, first of all, you need to add an employee. After adding your employee, navigate to that employee’s profile and go to the Job tab.

Then slightly scroll down to select an employee to update their job information, such as department, job title, and most importantly Reporting To portion. Based on this information, the Oregano Chart will organize the hierarchy of employees for display.

For example, Faruk Hasan here is the manager to whom this employee is reporting.

Once you are done with inserting the job information, click on update and then again navigate to the WP-Admin> HR> People> Org Chart. Here you can find the employee with newly updated job information under his/her reporting co-worker.

So in this way, you can use the all-new Organogram chart feature of the WP ERP HR module to display the employee hierarchy of your company automatically.

If you need further assistance with WP ERP and its latest features, then feel free to contact our support team right away.

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