Reimbursement Request

Using WP ERP Pro v1.2.0 and onwards, now employees can apply for reimbursement requests to his/her HR manager for their expenses and get them in time. And in order to send a request for it, you will simply need to go through a few easy steps to complete the overall process.

So in this documentation, we’ll show you how an employee can apply for reimbursement easily from their WordPress dashboard with WP ERP.

Also, we will demonstrate how the HR manager or admin accepts the request & forward it to the account manager.

Activating Reimbursement Module

First of all, to send in your reimbursement request, as an admin, you will need to activate the Reimbursement module from your WordPress ERP module tab.

  • Navigate through WP ERP> Modules > Activate Reimbursement Module
  • Toggle on the module, to activate the reimbursement request feature.

How Employee Can Apply For Reimbursement

  • To apply for the reimbursement request, navigate through WP ERP> HR> Reimbursement
  • Once you click on Reimbursement, you get to see an option called New Receipt. Simply click on it.
  • Here add the transaction date, reference (if any), add the items with the cost, attach a file (if any), and finally hit the Save button to request it for admin approval.
  • Now, you will see the final Invoice in the list which is in the state of Awaiting Approval status to be approved by the HR manager or admin.

How Admin will Approve the Reimbursement Request

As an admin, you will get all the pending reimbursement requests once an employee sends the request for it. The HR manager/admin will have to approve it by going to navigate to WP ERP> HR> People> Requests

  • Find the Reimbursement tag in the Requests tab where you will find all the latest/pending requests send by the employees so far
  • Click on the three dotted (…) button under Actions and tap on View button to see the complete request in detail.
  • Take a look at all the details requested by your employee. And click on Pay Now button to close the request if you want to approve it.

After you click on the Pay Now button, the next step will have to be taken care of from the accounts department end. Here the account manager will have to perform all the formalities like:

  • Add the payment method
  • Select voucher type; debit or credit
  • Payment from
  • Add payment date
  • Lastly hit the Save button
  • Once the whole process is completed, you can notify the user through an email. To do that, click on the voucher.
  • Find the More Action button on the top right corner and click on Send Mail.

P.S: If you want, you can also click on Print to print a hard copy of the voucher and hand it over to the employee for further reference.

  • Once you click on Send Mail, add the recipient name, subject line, message, and attachment to the email. And then hit the Send button.
  • When the whole process is done, you can further view the request on the Request page as a Closed one.

So this is how an employee can use the send Reimbursement request option of WP ERP Pro to request the due payment in time and apply for a new one whenever they need to.

So that’s about it for the latest feature of sending Reimbursement Request in WP ERP.

If you have any further queries related to the Reimbursement Request feature, then feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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