Document Manager

Store your Employee and CRM contacts’ detail documents or any other company documents through the WordPress Document Manager Plugin for WP ERP.

This WordPress File Manager for WP ERP allows you to do the following:

  • Supports all file formats.
  • Displays logos according to file type.
  • List and Grid view available now,.
  • Upload file size can be limited from WP settings.
  • Multiple simultaneous file upload support.
  • Progressbar.

Upload pictures, PDFs, Word files, ZIP files, spreadsheets and more of any format with WP ERP Document Manager extension.

You can store documents both in your HRM and CRM modules.

Upload & Create Your Documents

To store all HR related and company files, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Documents. Here you can see the name of the files and folders, when it was created or modified, who created, and the file size.


To create a folder, click on the Create Folder button. Set a folder name and hit Ok. Your folder will be created.

Create Folder

If you want to Upload any folder just click on Upload Folder button and select a file from your file manager on your device.

Upload File

You can preview the file from the dashboard. Just click on the file,

Click on the File

You can preview the file from within.

Preview of the file

Document Manager & HR Frontend Integration

Now, you can view the Document Manager from the HR Frontend module. But make sure you have Document Manager and HR Frontend, both the modules activated. Unless you can not access Document Manager from the HR Frontend.

HR Frontend with Document Manager

If you have any previous Document created from the Backend, now you will be able to view them from the Frontend.

Hr Frontend Documents

You can upload or create documents also from the Frontend. Just click on the Create New Folder to create a folder. To upload click on the Upload button.

Upload or create file

There is option to create or upload a folder within the folder also. Therefore you can create unlimited subfolders per your need.

Create subfolders

Move & Delete Documents

You can easily move or delete any file or folders. Just select the file or folder and click on Move to move the selected item and click on the Delete button to delete it.

Move or Delete

When you move any folder or file you can move it anywhere you like. You will get the option to choose.

Move folders

While creating subfolders if you are worried about navigation, you can easily see the navigation bar on top. Making it easy to find out where you are and also jump between locations.

Navigation for subfolders

Rename Your Folder

If you want to rename your folder you have to click on the button on the right side, which will give you an option to rename your folder.

Rename your folder

Grid & List View

You can view your documents in Grid or List view. The default view is the list view. But you can change it to Grid view.

Grid View

Upload & Create Documents For Employees

You can upload documents for a particular employee as well. navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Employee → Select and employee → Documents.

Upload as many files in multiples. Or creates as many folders as you like.

You can also search for files using the Search button.

You can also select all or few documents and choose to delete or move them together to another folder.

Upload Documents From The HR Frontend

Click on Employees section. Then, choose an employee for uploading or creating documents.

Employee section

There you will get the buttons for creating or uploading documents.

Create or upload documents for employees

As an Employee

All operations are basically the same. Files uploaded by the employee will have default ownership to the user.

Employee will also be able to see files uploaded by admins in his/her profile.

Hr Frontend

Employees can upload or create files from the frontend as well. Just click on Documents. There you can upload or create documents for the employees. He/She can also see the documents created by the Admin/HR Manager.

Employee document upload or creating

Storing All Company Documents

You can use the Document Manager module to store all the necessary documents. So, the chances of losing or not finding any document will be close to Zero.

That’s all about configuring Document Manager for your HRM and CRM modules.

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