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WP ERP HR settings include all the options in an organized way. It just needs your one click to configure all your settings.

Now we’re going to talk about all the setting options one by one. Let’s get started

Configuring WP ERP Settings

The Settings panel is where you will get the full Admin control relating to many important features of your WP ERP. From here you can change many controls related to all your ERP modules – HRM, CRM, and Accounting.

To do so, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Settings. From Settings, move to the HR tab to find all Admin controls relating to HRM.

HR Settings

Once you click on the HR tab, you will get the options of the WP ERP HR.

  • Workdays
  • Leave
  • Leave years
  • Miscellaneous
HR settings


The first HR settings that you will get is Workdays. Here you can set the workdays for your company.

Workdays of HR settings


Now click the leave option. Here you can set the initial settings to create your company’s leave policy. You can enable two options here. Such as:

  • Employee can apply for leave instead they have no leave left
  • Auto assign leave policy: After you tick mark it, all the leave policies will be automatically applicable for employees
Leave management

Leave years

In the leave years, you can add the working years for your company. You can add the start and end date of your company.

Leave years settings of WP ERP


Now in the Miscellaneous section, you can have an option. By ticking it on, you can remove WP users from removing employees.

HR management for Miscellaneous settings

That’s all about the HRM settings.

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