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WP ERP is the pioneer and only ERP system on WordPress

HRM is an indispensable function of any business. It keeps track of your employees, their performances, and payroll. Conventional HRM performs many specialized and complex functions and requires the help of an expert. But weDevs’ FREE Open Source WordPress Plugin known as WP ERP, comes with an essential set of HRM features that are just the right ones for your business. It’s intuitive and easy to understand. You can be sure that your entire HR management will be smoothly taken care of.

It also comes with a host of HR extensions that boost its performance and make running your company even more efficient.

Overview of FREE HRM’s Features

The HRM module of FREE WP ERP is endowed with features that will help you to own your business and take your company to the next level:

  • view the entire employee lifecycle, including adding information and notes on any events on that employee.
  • evaluate employee performance and keep that record in each employee profile.
  • easy department management that lets you categorize your employees and even tag them for announcements.
  • designation management allows you to list all the available positions and the number of staff in each.
  • create leave policies and manage holidays feature that lets you list all the rules to be viewed by everyone. See all leave requests from one place and apply holidays automatically to all.
  • HR reporting gives you graphical representations of various factors like age, salary, headcount, gender, and more.
  • rich email templates for internal communication with your employees that are customizable.

The following sub-sections will go through:

  1. How to enable the HR module on your WP ERP, and
  2. The features of the Overview page on your HR module

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