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Translate the HR Frontend

HR Frontend is one of the coolest feature of WP ERP. You can manage everything right from your website’s frontend. You can easily translate it to your own language to have a better experience.

So this documentation will lead you to the way to translate the WPERP HR Frontend extension to any language.

But before you translate the WP HR Frontend, you’ll need to translate the core WP ERP plugin at first. So we recommend you read this doc translate the WP ERP core plugin conveniently.

Once you have done translating the core plugin, start following the steps below to translate the hr frontend extension:

Step 1

From the WordPress directory, go to the …/wp-content/plugins/erp-pro/languages/
Now you’ll see an “erp-pro.pot” file.

Step 2

Open the “erp-pro.pot” file with poedit (or with any other alternative of Poedit).

Next, from a dropdown menu select a language you want to translate your theme to:

Step: 3

Now, keep translating the source texts.

Step: 4

After translating, save the file and erp-hr-frontend.po

Step: 5

Here is how the “.mo” and “.po” file will look like after renaming and saving them.

That’s how you can translate the WP ERP HR Frontend plugin.


Please note that if you want to set the site language to your native language, navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > General > Site language.

Now choose your native language from the dropdown menu and save the changes.

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