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HR Request Feature

With the new release of the WP ERP 1.8.5 version, now you can get all the HR-related requests in one place. Therefore, you don’t have to navigate to a separate place to put your request.

In this new version of WP ERP, you will have the following request under one tab:-

  • Leave request (available with the free version of WP ERP)
  • Remote work request (Pro)
  • Resignation request (Pro)
  • Asset request (Pro)
  • And reimbursement request (Pro)

How To Find The Request Tab on the WP ERP HR Module

To get to the Requests tab, you need to navigate through WP ERP> HR > People > Request.

Here is how it looks with the PRO version

To get all the requested features, you need to purchase the WP ERP Pro, otherwise, you’ll only get the leave request in this section.

All the above-mentioned requests are placed under the newly included Requests tab in this update of WP ERP’s Free & Pro Release. The number of pending requests on the tab appears as a real-time bubble by the tab.

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