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Accounting Dashboard

Accounting Dashboard

The Accounting Dashboard of WP ERP consists of key data points with visual representations in the form of tables and bar charts so as to give you the opportunity to monitor the overall health of your business. Under the hood, the dashboard is connected to the database which helps the dashboard to dynamically fetch and display data in real-time.

To get to the Accounting Dashboard of WP ERP, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Accounting. Once you get there you will see the following screen:

Accounting Dashboard

Income and Expenses

In this segment, you will be able to see the month-on-month amount of income and expenses with the help of Bar charts. Place your mouse pointer right on the bars to see the individual values of the bars.

Income & Expense


With the help of this section, you will be able to know how much cash left in your enterprise or in the Bank account, how much loan you have from the Banks and your total balance. The total amount is shown by an automatic calculation of the WP ERP system.


Invoice payable to you

This section enlists if you have any due or overdue Invoice payable to you. The due invoices mean you have debtors who have to pay money to you in the current month. The overdue invoices refer to the invoices that have become bad debts or to put it simply, the due date of your particular debtors which exceeded the due time. Here is a screenshot:

Invoice Payable To You

Bills you need to pay

This section enlists if you have any due or overdue bills that you need to pay. The Coming Due bills mean you have to pay money to your creditors in the current month which is still unpaid. The overdue bills refer to the invoices that have exceeded the due time of payment which is not a good sign for your enterprise. Here is a screenshot:

Bills You Need To Pay

That’s all on Accounting dashboard!.

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