Accounting Core

Paying Bill

You can use this feature to pay your bills that you have created. That way, a record will be created.

How To Configure Paying Bill

To create a pay bill, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→WP ERP→Accounting→Transactions→Expense.

Now, Click on “New Transaction”.Select “Pay Bill” from the drop-down menu.

Now select the vendor you are going to pay(Pay to), select the account(Cash, Bank, Check, etc) you are going to pay from. After clicking the vendor name, the amount of the bill will automatically appear in the amount section.

Then hit “Save” and your bill will be paid.

Note: If you have multiple accounts in the bank, you need to choose a bank when you decide to pay from a bank account.

After paying the bill, the status of the transaction will be changed to “paid”.

There are three vertically aligned dots on the right side of the transaction.

If you click that, you will get an option “void”. By clicking “void”, that transaction will become disabled.

That’s it!.

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