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Tax On Sales

Manually needing to include the tax on sales is a tedious task for an account manager. But if there are proper steps to follow then it could be easily done by anyone. So, all you will need to do is to carefully input all the data for the past purchased product so that customer could make the payment including that given tax.

So let’s see how you can easily include the tax on sales for the previously purchased product and generate the invoice quickly.

Step 1:

First of all, navigate through WP ERP > Accounting > Transactions > Sales from your WordPress dashboard.

Tax On Sales

Now you need to create a sales invoice before adding Tax on sales. To do that, click on the Create Invoice button.

Tax On Sales

Step 2:

Now insert all the required details here.

For example, Customer name, Transaction & Due date, Billing Address, Products, product quantity, price etc. And in the end, enter the tax amount.


Step 3:

Now comes the main part. Select the product with all the details. Add the discounted % and include the Tax on sales. Checkmark on the Tax box as well.

Including tax zone

Once you are done with adding all the necessary details, hit the save button. Now you can view invoice added with tax on sales.

tax sales details

Now, you’re all done. That’s how you can simply include Tax on Sales for all your products.

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