Accounting Core

Creating an Estimate

Creating an estimate is important while you are preparing an invoice. This estimate will give you a rough idea on the price of the items that you are going to include in the invoice.

Step: 1

To create an estimate, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > Accounting > Transactions > Sales.

Step: 2

Now, select the ‘Create Estimate‘ option.

Step: 3

Now, you will be taken to the following screen:

Like creating an invoice, you will need to enter the customer name, transactions date, due date, billing address, product name, quantity name, unit price, amount, particulars, attachments, etc.

Step: 4

Finally, hit the “Save” button and you are done with creating an estimate.

The system will show the estimate in the list of sales transactions:

That’s how you can create an Estimate in WP ERP Accounting.

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