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Import-Export Vendor and Customer

With the latest version of WP ERP, you can easily import-export your customers & vendor details from your WP ERP site and (vice-versa). You can get it done by following a few easy steps, and that too without navigating to other pages.

This documentation will demonstrate the easy steps of how you can make the best use of the WP ERP Accounting feature to import-export your contact and vendor data.

How To Import Vendor Details

In order to import, first of all, navigate through WP ERP> Accounting> Users> Vendors

Here you will get the Import-Export option. Simply click on the Import button.

Vendor Details Import

Once you click on the Import button, upload your preferred CSV file.

Import Feature

After clicking on the Import button, you’ll get a few dropdown fields to complete before the vendor importation process begins. So carefully fill up the fields and simply hit Import. Your vendor file will then be automatically imported with your requested required & selected fields.

Import Vendors

Export Vendor Details

To export your vendor details, click on the Export button placed beside Import, and then right away a pop-up window will open with a list of vendor fields to select from.

From there, select your preferred fields individually or select all of the fields together by tick checking the “Select all” box.

Export Vendors

After clicking on the Export button, a CSV file will automatically be downloaded to your device. And use and access the CSV file whenever you need it in the future.

How To Import Customer Details

To import your customer details, you need to follow the same step as above.

  • Just click on Customers instead of Vendors this time.
Import Customers
  • After getting into Customer’s list click on the Import button.
Export-Import Feature
  • Upload your CSV file here and hit Import button to complete.
Import Feature

How to Export Customer Details

In the same way as Import, click on the Export button and complete your customer exportation process.

Click “Select all” if you want to Export customers with the fields that you want to export or select specific ones to only export the ones you have tick-checked. After that, you’ll get a CSV file to use and access whenever you need it.

Export Feature

So that’s about it for the latest feature of the Accounting module’s Vendor and Customer Import-Export feature in WP ERP

If you have any further queries related to the import-export feature of the WP ERP Accounting module, then feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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