Accounting Core

Receive Payments

You have to use this feature if you want to receive money from your customers. This means when you create an invoice, you can receive payment for that invoice using this option.

Step: 1

To receive payment from your customers navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > Transactions > Sales.

Step: 2

Now go to New Transaction > Receive Payment.

Step: 3

Now, select the customer for whom you have created an invoice. The invoice will be shown automatically for the vendor if you have created any invoice for him/her.

You will need to enter the payment method, payment date, deposit to account, particulars, and attachments.

You can also edit the transaction amount with a view to receiving payments partially.

Finally, hit the “Save” button to complete the payment process.

View or Void the Received Payment

After saving the received payment, you will be taken to the Sales Transaction Dashboard where you can see the transaction.

You can also view the transaction in detail or make the transaction void if you want.

That’s it!

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