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Pay Purchase / New Purchase Payment – New

To pay for any purchase, you must have some payment voucher created from the get-go. Which means you have to create a purchase first.

To make a payment for purchase, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > Accounting > Transactions > Purchases.

Now, click on New Transaction > Pay Purchase.

Next, you will be taken to the new purchase payment form. Fill out the form with all the necessary data like vendor, payment method, payment date, transaction account, billing address, particulars, attachments.

You can also edit the transaction amount to pay partially.

Finally, hit the ‘Save’ button to complete the payment process.

Preview & Void the payment

Now, you will be able to preview the payment from the Purchase dashboard.

You can also see the voucher by clicking on the voucher number. Click the three vertically aligned dots to void the transaction.

That’s all about the WP ERP Accounting pay purchase.

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