CRM Core

Creating an Event or Log from Calendar

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Schedules to access your CR calendar. Here you will find two tabs:

  1. My Schedules, where you can see and edit only your logs and schedules.
  2. All Schedules, where you can view and edit all logs and schedules concerning all CRM agents and managers.

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Creating Log

When you click on the current day or any past day, a log modal window will be opened. Here in this screen, you can log a call, SMS, meeting, or email that have already taken place with a contact or company.

Creating Schedule

If you need to create an event [meeting or call] from the calendar, just click on a future date and a modal window will appear.

Fill out the form with necessary details and select a Contact or Company.

After entry, click on the Create Schedule to complete.

And that’s all.

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