CRM Core

View All Companies

This is the section of the Overview dashboard where you will get an entire glimpse of all your companies stored in your entire CRM.

The View All Companies section shows the total number of companies you have in your CRM.

It also has 4 sections inside that will show you the total number of the 4 life stages of a client in descending order:

  • Customers: The companies that are currently your customers – have purchased your product or service.
  • Leads: The companies whom you are approaching through emails and other means to makes sales.
  • Opportunities: Potential companies who you intend to approach to sell your product or service.
  • Subscribers: Companies that have subscribed to your company newsletters and blogs.

Each of these fields is clickable and they take you to the relevant section under the Companies tab, where you can further filter the companies or edit them as you like.

You can also click on the button View All Companies and this will lead you to the list of all companies you have stored in your CRM.

That’s all about the “View All Companies” section of the CRM overview.

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