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Import-Export Contact and Company

With the new release of the WP ERP v1.8.5 and onwards, users can easily export-import your important contact and company details from the CRM database to your WP ERP CRM. It requires only a few clicks to import all the essential contact and company details.

Now, let’s check out the documentation to know how you can use the CRM import feature to import company & contact details:-

How To Import Contacts

To import your important contact details, you need to navigate through WP ERP> CRM> Contacts> Click on contacts.

Here you’ll find the Import button. However, as you can see there are two Import buttons available but don’t get confused both of these buttons do the same thing of importing contacts.

Click on the Import button and you’ll find the following options to import your contacts.

  • Upload your CSV file if you have any
  • Download the current contact list
  • Select who will be the contact owner
  • Select the customer life stage
  • And lastly choose the contact group
CRM Import Feature

So once you have selected your desired drop-down option, then click on the Import button. After that, all your contacts will be imported to your WP ERP CRM database.

Export Contacts

The export feature of WP ERP CRM is almost the same as the Import feature. Only you can complete the whole process with a single click.

Similar to the Import feature, on the CRM dashboard of your WP ERP site, you’ll find the Export option. Just click on it and a window will open.

Here just select the options that you want to Export, or click on the Select All button to choose all the contact fields that you want to export the contacts with.

Import Feature

After that, once you click on the Export button, a CSV file will be downloaded to your device. So just use it when you need it.

How To Import Companies

On the same CRM dashboard, click on the Company button. Here you’ll get all the details of your companies.

Import Company Details

Click on the Import button and you’ll notice that all the options are the same as we have seen for the importing-exporting Contact. After selecting the desired option from the list, click on the Import button to complete the process of importing the company details.

Import Feature

Export Companies

Similar to the export process of Contact, to export the company details from your WP ERP site, just click on the Export button.

Now you’ll find similar options that we have seen while exporting contacts above to complete the exportation process of your company details.

  • Now select your preferred company fields
  • Or, you can select all
Import company

So that’s what we have so far about the brand new Contact and Company Import-Export feature of WP ERP.

If you have any further queries related to the Company & Contact import-export feature of the CRM module then feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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